What is tiger in french?

Le tigre = the tiger
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What is a tiger?

It is a four legged animal that lives in hot wet and humid jungles as well as icy cold forests. Its beautiful orange and black markings makes it easier for the tiger to camofl (MORE)

What is 'They are' in French?

  Literaly   Ils sont.   But if it is used in a present progressive tense (they are +ing), in french present tense is to be used. To express the idea of progressivit (MORE)

Countries Where French is Spoken

While not as widespread as English, French is spoken in many countries besides France. French is the official language or one of them in 33 countries. That is more countries t (MORE)

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When you think of the French language you think France. But there are in fact quite a few places that speak French other than in France. Many don't think of Canada as a French (MORE)

Tigers - What is the food of tigers?

Tigers have a variety of food, but their main diet is usually defined by where they live. most tigers eat types of deer, like Chital or Samba. they can also feed off rodents, (MORE)

What is 'the' in French?

There are 4 forms of "The" in French: la,le,l',les. La is used in front of singular, feminine objects. Example: la porte (door) Le is used in front of singular, masculine ob (MORE)

What is 'I' in French?

Je is the French equivalent of 'I'. It's the first person subject pronoun. It's pronounced almost like the "ge" in orange. Except you make the "g" sound more drawn out. In the (MORE)

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