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What is tiger in french?

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Le tigre = the tiger
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What is 'the' in French?

There are 4 forms of "The" in French: la,le,l',les. La is used in front of singular, feminine objects. Example: la porte (door) Le is used in front of singular, masculine (MORE)

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What is 'I' in French?

Je is the French equivalent of 'I'. It's the first person subject pronoun. It's pronounced almost like the "ge" in orange. Except you make the "g" sound more drawn out. In the (MORE)

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In France

What is is in French?

  is in French is,"est" say the letter "A" and that is how it is pronounced.

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What do tigers do?

Tigers mainly eat, sleep, breath, and mate. Tigers are just another animal in the animal species.

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What is a tiger?

It is a four legged animal that lives in hot wet and humid jungles as well as icy cold forests. Its beautiful orange and black markings makes it easier for the tiger to camofl (MORE)

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How do you say go get 'em tiger in French?

This expression does not really exist in French. If you said the literal translation, "Obtiens-les, tigre", it would be advising a tiger to get them (whatever or whoever them (MORE)

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Are in French?

In English, "are" is a conjugation of the verb to be. It is used with plural subjects as well as the singular "you". Therefore the quick answer to your question is you (sing (MORE)

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What is 'It has' in French?

"It has" in French would be could be "Il a" which is pronounced "Eel ah" Edit: Your question could have several answers, so to get the one you want, we would need more contex (MORE)