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Heel pain without any trauma is usually due to deficiency of caicium and vitamin D. Try it. If you have diabetes also, then must control it and take sufficient doses of vitamin B complex and chromium picolinate and zinc and manganese. plantar fascitis, crack of calcaneus, Achile tendonitis and calf muscle spasm may also cuse heel pain. Use good cushion in shoes. Use local poultice with standard antiinflammatory Ayurvedic or Allopathic medicaments. Massage calf muscles.
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What is the treatment for heel spurs?

To understand how to get rid of heel spurs, it is important to understand how heel spurs develop. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body but may also be the most d

What is good for heel pain?

 Exercise your feet  Walk on smooth walking surfaces  Physical therapy  Use of Custom shoes  Regular checkup from foot specialilst     Check medfoot.com to know

How can you overcome from heel pain?

  I used to suffer from heel pain, but can controll it by the following:   1. wear good arch support shoes   2. Stretch your calf muscles a few times every day.  

What iss the treatment for heel spurs?

i had a exray done on both fee i have a bone spur at the back of  my heel keeping me from walking well , they are like little hooks  at the back of the heel causing my acill

How to get read of heel pain?

heel pain can be a matter of posture which can be fixed by seeing a chiropractor regularly or simply getting more supportive shoes but if you go from lying down to standing an

What causes pain in your heel?

Usually overexertion of the lower extremities. Maybe the weight  takes toll on the heels since it is the one that balances your foot  when you stand and supports you when yo

What could foot pain in the heel be from?

Pain the heel of your foot can come from many sources, from you shoes being too uncomfortable , bad posture or even standing for long periods of time. If the pain persists one

How can you relieve a heel pain?

What i used to do in highschool football is use epson salt and soak the heel in hot water. You should then ice it down and rub the heel inbetween. Repeat this process over and

How does one alleviate heel pain?

One way to alleviate heel pain would be for the person that is sick to massage his or her heels. If that does not help they could also try using painkillers in moderation. Avo

How can you treat chronic heel pain?

If the heal pain is chronic, consulting a doctor is always the best option. Possible treatments are physical therapy, ultra-sound therapy, shock wave treatment or in extreme c
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What are some treatments for cracked heels?

Treatment for cracked heals can be obtained at a physician's office or right in your own pantry. Applying vegetable oil to cracked heals typically yields results in just a mat
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Severe heel pain?

Severe heel pain can be a sign of plantar fasciitis which is the muscle that surrounds the heel. If the chronic heel pain persists consult a physician to receive proper treatm
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What is causing pain in the heel?

Stress fracture, Plantar Fasciitis, Fat pad atrophy, Bursitis,  Tarsal tunnel syndro, Sever's disease, Achilles tendonosis etc.  Check medfoot.com to get ideas on causes of