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A Slang term formally used by Jay "Bird" Jackson. ex- Jay where have you been? His reply, Ya Jaw that's where! Now is widely used to joke around but Jay Bird is serious when he says it! YA JAW!
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What is Jaws About?

This movie is based on a book that Peter Benchley wrote. It's about a police chief who suddenly hears about all of these shark attacks and then wants to close down the beach.

What is a ya ya?

it's like yeah yeah but in other words you say ya ya ha ha...it is also used for grandmother in the Tsimpshian language...

What does the jaw do?

well obviously to chew ones food but the main use of the human jaw is for a person to be able to communicate and if a person didn't have a jaw it would be very hard for someon

What is ya?

YA stands for "young adult" as in literature written for teens and younger adults.
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When was jaws out?

The DVD released on 1975 and the video game "Jaws Unleashed" on 2006
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What does does Jaws have in it?

the jaws series is a horror film series about a killer great white shark terrorizing amity resort and feeding on swimmers at amity beach. jaws [1975] starring roy scheider, ro