What is yellow mdpe gas pipe?

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MDPE is Medium Density Polyethylene. Used for underground gas lines. IE firepit or to an outdoor BBQ. Is most common. MDPE gas pipe CANNOT be used inside of any building. Outside use ONLY!
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How deep does a gas pipe have to be buried?

\nDepending which country you live in will depend on depth. Consulte your local municipality for the laws applying to you.\n. \nIn South Africa, depending on the size,\n. \n

Can Yellow MDPE Gas Pipe be used for internal use?

I believe NOT I'm not qualified, but someone who is tells me that it cannot be used inside a building because of the risk that it would melt in the event of a fire and allow g

What should rooftop gas piping be?

Galvanized piping or painted depending on local codes and type of fuel (gas) NO drip legs where the piping is subject to freeze ups

How do you size gas pipe?

You will need a copy of the International Fuel Gas Code to start with. Turn to table 402.2 to get the BTU ratings for the appliances being installed, then turn to section 402.

Is yellow brass safe for water pipes?

It is safe, but it will rot out. It is used to prevent electrolysis, but that is pretty much it nowadays. Pex is more commonly used for water pipes.