What keeps body conditions balanced?

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What animals do horses keep in balance?

Horses enjoy the company of other horses, and also cats and donkeys/mules. They may get along with other animals such as dogs or goats. They do not like snakes, pigs. Horses like other horses :) aswell as other animals ^^^

What is body conditioning?

Body conditioning is the exercise and practice to build the body up for either improved normal performance, as in physical therapy, or in preparation for sports performance.

What keep you balance?

In both of our ears, there are tubes (I believe they are called Eustachian Tubes) that have a level of fluid in them. They have to stay balanced for you to stay balanced (equilibrium). If the fluid isn't level, if something has caused them to no longer be in balanced, (illness, a blow to the head, s (MORE)

Do ears help you keep your balance?

\n. \nyes they do\n. \nYes they send signals, using the semi-circular canals located near your cochlea, to the brain saying that they are sideways.

How do you keep balance on a balance beam?

Always keep your legs stiff and concentrate straight ahead of you. If you are about to fall off the beam crouch lightly, if you are still falling, jump off so that you won't get hurt by falling

You can not keep your balance any advice why?

\nAre you on any medicine or alcoholic beverages that might make you dizzy? I would suggest that you take a nap...you might just be tired. If this problem continues, I would recommend going to see your local doctor

How do Bumblebees keep the world in balance?

Bee's spread pollen from one flower to another. When the pollen spreads it helps the other plants grow. If the bee's were gone, all the plants would die. Then the animals would die. Then all we'ed have left is water and we would die!

What balances the body?

Muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, all sorts of things are involved in balancing. If you're trying to ask where the SENSE of balance is located, it's in the inner ear, in structures called the "semicircular canals".

How do you keep your balance?

your bones in your arm helps you balance and there is some thing in you r ear that also keeps you balance if you got dizzy the thing doesn't keep you in balance but if you didn't have you would stay in balance

How do animals keep an ecosystem balance?

they keep ecosystem balance in a number of ways. a prime example is of the elephant in Africa when it was poached the residents of Africa found a greater amount of bush fires was evident. this was due to the fact that elephants are the bulldozers of nature and that they trampled and killed them. thi (MORE)

Does a kangaroo's tail keep them balanced?

The kangaroo's tail plays a vital role in balancing the animal, both when it is bounding along, and when it is just walking slowly. Kangaroos cannot move their legs independently (except when swimming), so the tail plays a vital role in helping the kangaroo to balance as it moves.

How does earth keep its balance in space?

The question is meaningless. "Balance" is typically what you do to avoid being upset by an external force that's trying to tip you over. There is no external force in space trying to tip the Earth over. What's more, the Earth is very close to the shape of a sphere (a ball), and balance is never (MORE)

What keeps the solar system in balance?

Gravity and motion. Gravity pulls the planets in and keeps them from flying away, while the velocity of the planets keeps them from being sucked in completely.

How do astronauts keep a balanced diet?

\nthe diet austronauts have in space is fairly similar to what we'd have on earth, except for maybe a higher dosage of vitamin D supplements to counteract not getting any sunlight.\n. \nthey also need to be aware of the fact that they're losing muscle tissue due to zero gravity.\n. \neating in spa (MORE)

What keeps a boat balanced?

the utter is a heavy led plank that u can pull up and down on ur sail boat depending on how much ur tipping most sailors also sit on the up side when their tipping to help it stay balanced when i go sailing with my dad i always freek out when we tip and i necer know if its a serious problem cus (MORE)

How do you keep a balanced diet?

Make up your mind you are going to eat a good healthy diet and do it. Many people get tired of feeling bad or overweight and decide they dont want to feel that way anymore. They read and learn about a good diet and start to eat and live that way, the more they learn about healthy diets and eat that (MORE)

How does the inner ear keep your balance?

The organs in your ear control your balance so if you spin really quickly then you suddenly stop it seems like your still spinning but you're not your brain thinks you are but all the organs in your ear know that your not.

How does nature keeps its balance?

the different animals and insects and life cycles of plants and human nature helpas too. Everything is linked, I'm sure if u look it up it will show you the same thng i said but, in a different sentence. If you are really interested, look more into Physical Science.

What helps you keep your balance?

CEREBELLUM is the part of the brain that coordinates your movements. It helps you maintain your posture and balance, and it automatically adjusts your body to help you move smoothly. -JMAR14

How does an atom keep its charge balanced?

An atom contains an equal amount of positively charged particles (protons) and negatively charged particles (electrons). If a atom gains or loses electrons it then gains a charge and is no longer known as an atom; it becomes an ion.

How do your ears help you keep balance?

The inner ear is actually composed of several different parts, specifically the vestibular system which is comprised of fluid filled semicircular canals which detect rotations and the otolith which detects acceleration. The nerves within the inner ear detect the shifting of fluid within the semicir (MORE)

Which is the organ which produces insulin and keeps the sugar balance in the body?

The single most important organ is the pancreas. The beta cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas release insulin in response to rising glucose levels. The high insulin levels signal the liver to take up sugar and store it for later release (when the insulin levels are low). The muscles (MORE)

Do lumberjacks keep the forest in balance?

Not really. Lumberjacks just cut down trees. They don't really make management decisions. They just do what they are told. Someone else makes management decisions that determine the fate of the forest.

What part of the body balances the body?

The semicircular canals and the vestibule are responsible for balance. If you are considering balance in terms of physiology, then the kidneys and hypothalamus would be the organ and gland, respectively, that govern the balance called homeostasis.

What should you do to keep your diet balanced?

A helpful website for learning and making a good diet for your lifestyle is myfoodpyramid.gov It can tell you how many of each food group you should be eating each day, it even has recomendations for each food group!

Does the femur keep us balanced?

Not in any way more than the other bones do, the femur is the leg bone, it keeps us upright but you can still easily become unbalanced. What helps the body keep balanced is actually the ears, which is why when you spin round you become unbalanced.

How does the circulatory system keep your body in balance?

Your circulatory system is so important! It consists of your blood, blood vessels, and heart. Your heart brings blood to your heart through your veins, and when it gets to your heart, it goes through your right atrium, through your right ventricle, into your lungs through your arteries, back into yo (MORE)

How Do Owls Keep An Ecosystem Balanced?

Owls are typically the top predators in an ecosystem, eating mice, etc. Predators are needed to regulate the other populations and keep the ecosystem at equilibrium.

What disease or conditions that affect your balance and equilibrium?

Things such as vertigo, affect balance, it has a lot to do with the fact that the fluids in the ears and pressure inside them, are what affect balance, that is why people with ruptured eardrums have a hard time balancing, also if you have toe problems, but that would just hurt more than make you unb (MORE)

What are body balance for?

To boosts the immune system to be able to fight incoming germs to help us to leave certain environment

Does the eye help you keep your balance?

Yes. stand on one leg and look at something still. Does it help you keep your balance? Now look at something moving and stand on one leg. It makes it harder, right?

How does the sun keep earth in balance?

First, keep in mind that all objects that weigh anything have gravity - or how much they weigh (have mass). So the earth and other planets/asteroids/comets/planetesimals 'pull' on each other, their moons, if any, and on the Sun. Of course the Sun's gravity pulls all those things toward itself, too (MORE)

What is the conditions when two forces balance?

If those are the only forces in the system, then it is in a StaticState...no acceleration is taking place. Note that the sytem mayalready be in motion, but the velocity will remain constant.

What makes you keep your balance?

The fluid in your inner ear moves as you move your head. Thiscauses signals to be sent to your brain - telling it which way isup. Your brain instructs your muscles to keep your body upright.

Does Islam keep balance between the life and the hereafter requirements of spirit and body?

Muhammad (peace be upun him) came with a revelation from Allah,presenting a religion compatible with human nature - one satisfyingthe needs of the soul as well as those of the body, andestablishing a balance between worldly deeds and those done for theHereafter. It is a religion which disciplines hu (MORE)

Why should you keep your checkbook balanced?

You should keep your checkbook balanced so that you have anaccurate idea of what your funds and budgets are like. It willallow you to keep a proper tally of your finances, spending habitsand keep you from spending excessively on things you don't actuallyneed.