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Slug pellets and hedgehogs but not together.
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How do you keep slugs?

In a glass jar or tank- they aren't that big and the glass walls are too slippery to climb. They like soft veggies and dandelion leaves- a few sticks to climb wouldn't be all

How do you keep slugs as pets?

Slugs are really easy to take care of a few things they need to stay alive and happy are, 1: Food, they eat a variety of fruits, veggies and plants but be careful what plant

Keeping slugs in a jar?

  If you keep a snail in a jar like me,   the bottom must be soaked with wet towel or cotton.   Place food in the jar,and change the food every day to prevent rottin

How do coffee grinds keep slugs away?

Coffee grounds are not very effective against slugs. The gritty texture and taste seem to be the only thing that bothers them. On the other hand they will happily drown themse

How do you keep slugs away from your marijuana plants?

  well there are a couple of tricks you can use. 1; sprinkle salt like 4 inches away from the bottom of it but u have to redoo it every time it dews or like rains. 2; you

What is a way to keep slugs from crossing into the garden?

Putting something coppery or scratchy in theirpath is one way to keep slugs from crossing into the garden. Slugsapparently receive the equivalent of electric shocks from cont

What to keep slugs in?

It's best to keep them in fish tanks with ample space for them depending on there size you can also keep them in a gallon ice cream tub with holes poked on the lid if they are

How do you keep slugs off your garden path?

Table salt !... Simply 'draw' a line along the edges of the path  with table salt. It will stop the slugs (and snails) crawling over  your pathway. You will have to replenis