What kind of alphabet does the Russian language use?

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The Russian use the Cyrillic alphabet. It consists of 33 letters.

А (ah)
Б (be (like a sheep sound))
В (ve)
Г (ge)
Д (de)
Е (ye)
Ё (yo)
Ж (she( like the sound of a electric toothbrush))
З (ze)
И (e(like in me))
Й (ya( like saying it quick with the y in yes))
К (ka)
Л (L(Long sound LLLL))
М (mmm(like something is tasty))
Н (nnnn(like the n only long like the m))
О (regular like English)
П (p( p sound kinda like blowing air or spitting))
Р (r( r sound when rolling the r))
С (ssss( like a snake hissing))
Т (t( don't say the letter say the sound)
У (oo)
Ф (f( sound))
Х (ha)
Ц (ts( like the Japanese tsu only without the u))
Ч (ch)
Ш (sh)
Щ (sh(similar only placing teeth differently))
Ъ (silent vowel)
Ы (uoi( like saying oi only with an uh (uhoi)))
Ь (silent vowel)
Э (e(like in met))
Ю (yu( like saying you))
Я (ya)
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