What kind of joint is a multiaxial joint?

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A multiaxial joint is a type of synovial joint. The x-axial refers to how many planes of the movement the specific joint provides, so in the case of a multiaxial joint, that means it provides movement in many planes of movement (multiaxial usually refers to three, which can then also be stated as triaxial).
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What joint is multiaxial?

On good authority the best answer to your question is - ball&socket

How many planes can a multiaxial joint move?

The three planes are coronal, sagittal, and transverse (you probably knew this already) so a multiaxial joint can move in all three. So to answer the question, it would be thr

Which joint allows for multiaxial movement?

Ball-and-Socket Joints. Smooth, hemispherical head fits within a cuplike socket. Only mutiaxial joints in the body are the shoulder joint - head of humerus into glenoid cavity