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What kind of joint is the shoulder joint?

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Ball-and-socket joint
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What type of joint is shoulder joint?

  A ball and socket joint. The easiest way to tell is it moves 360 degrees. If a bone moves 90 Degrees it is a hinge joint.

What kind of joint is a scapulothoracic joint?

  The scapulothoracic joint is not a true joint in the sense in that it has no capsule or ligamentous attachments. It is more precisely identified as the scapulothoracic a

What type of joint is the shoulder joint?

Shoulder and Hip Joints are both ball and socket joints.. :) :D x The Shoulder joint is also called the glenohumeral joint ... and is the most freely movable joint in the hu

What kind of joint is a multiaxial joint?

A multiaxial joint is a type of synovial joint. The x-axial refers to how many planes of the movement the specific joint provides, so in the case of a multiaxial joint, that m

Is the shoulder joint a hinge joint?

Shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) is ball and socket joint. Ball and socket, although it is a strange and complx joint.

The spine joint is what kind of joint?

Your spine is a gliding joint. It helps you to twist and dance and bend over. EXPERIMENT: try dancing or doing a movement that will prove to you that your spine is a gliding