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It seems to prudent to know your reasons for drinking milk in the first place first. One major reason that many are to to drink milk whether or not your pregnant is that many note that milk is a good source of calcium. Yes, this seems to be true but can humans utilize the calcium in animal milk?In any case you can seek info from qualified personnel such as a physician as the condition, age, health & lifestyle etc of pregnant women varies considerably.

Why drink any milk other than human milk? Certainly this applies to babies & or toddlers. Though am not familiar with the benefits if any for adults, not surprisingly.
I doubt many adults, if any drink human milk & would be pleased to hear about such. According to many modern sources in the literature, many people are allergic to animal milk to begin with. People don't necessarily need much calcium to avoid osteoporosis &
other calcium deficiencies, but it might be more prudent to be more concerned with retaining what calcium you do have as it is of course, stored in bones & teeth.

According to some very modern sources, drinking animal milk among other things, reduces the PH of the blood. Instead of being slightly basic, the blood becomes slightly acidic. To neutralize the acidity, calcium is released from bones thereby increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis! Animal milk was supposed to provide the opposite effect! It is this point that hasn't trickled down to many medical & health personnel.
Discuss things with your physician & other personnel such as very qualified nutritionists. But evidently, many doctors might not be aware of the above info. I myself avoid animal products and am anything but frail looking. Maybe good idea to read about vegan & vegetarian diets and you can learn much about many nutrient rich foods & how to maintain good levels of calcium etc in the body.

Just because certain nutrients are in foods doesn't necessarily mean that the body can utilize any specific nutrients. One thing still puzzles me though. From what sources do vegans & vegetarians obtain vitamin B12. This is naturally found in animal products. Also, does the body produce small but sufficient quantity of vitamin B12?
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