What kind of solutions would heroes and heroines have that would solve the problems facing society especially racism child and spousal abuse and violence among young people?

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I think that anyone could be a hero by not continuing the mistakes made by his or her own parents. Make a child's life better than you had it... be kinder and better. People who try to treat others well are heroes in my book, because so many people don't try, and don't try to improve themselves and become better people, better parents, better spouses, friends, or citizens.
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Why would child get bullied or abused?

A child gets bullied because they are probably smarter than the bully or weaker than the bully. Sometimes the bully bullies that child for no reason at all.

Why are heroes and heroines so important in the lives of young people?

Heroes and Heroines are very important in not just young peoples lives. We all need some one to look up for. Some one that can show us the best in Human kind and its greatness

How is drug abuse a problem for young people?

Well, let's see... Drug abuse in minors not only guides that individual into a life of possible poverty, crime, demoralization, etc. you know what.. go and watch the movie " T

Why would anyone abuse a child?

It is hard to imagine, isn't it? It is largely because they are insecure, have a very low self-esteem and need something to prove to themselves they are powerful. Women and ch

How would you describe a problem and how you solved it?

First, it doesn't need to be a world problem. Think small. We solveproblems every day! Use an example of a small-- but important--"problem" that affected you, your family, you

How would you go about solving a problem?

Step One: Define the problem. (Ask yourself.) "What is the nature of the problem?" Is it a math problem? Is it a word problem? (What kind of problem is it?) Step two: Look for