What kind of sounds can hot water make when expanding through piping?

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loud bangs that are really annoying
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What is wrong when pipes make sound as you turn on the water?

\n Answer \n. \nMost likely your water pressure is too high, and the water flow is causing water hammer on your pipes at the turns. To alleviate this, you can lower your

Why does metal make noise when it expands or contracts for example hot-water pipes or an iron?

it makes noise because its trying to expand which don't make sence i know but if u take a straitner and you turn it up as hot as u can which on mine is 360 and u turn it off t
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What do you do if your hot water pipes freeze?

First you open the a facet to allow any water to flow, or pressure to relive. With a propane type torch heat the pipe until water flows, being careful of the flame not to burn

Why does sound travel faster through hot water?

equation for speed of sound in a medium: c=sqrt(B/rho) B=bulk modulus rho=density. all else being constant, and increase in temperature will cause an expansion (usually) o

How do you pipe recirculating hot water?

Go from the top of your hot water tank and make your line go to every fixture and after last fixture go back to the tank and connect back into pump, make sure you install a ch