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The four types or mechanisms of erosion are rill erosion, gully erosion, stream bank erosion, and sheet erosion. In sheet erosion a thin layer of the surface is removed. In rill erosion, small rivulets of running water gather together and cut small channels. In gully erosion, rills enlarge to form bigger channels too large to be removed by normal tillage. Finally, streambank erosion is the washing away of soil from banks of streams and rivers. Erosion is a natural, continuous process, but agricultural practices can speed erosion, resulting in lost soil, lost soil fertility, air pollution, and water pollution. Wind and water are the main agents that move soil.
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Two major kinds of erosion?

There are many erosion such as: wind,water,sand,sea, glacier and soil

What kind of change is soil erosion?

Erosion is the result of natural disasters such as landslides. When there is Soil Erosion in that given part of the soil, the soil's topsoil is very thin or washed away. When
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What are different kinds of erosion and weathering?

Types of: Erosion . Glaciers carrying/dragging material . Rivers carrying/dragging material . Wind carrying/dragging material: -Traction:Rocks rolling along the fl