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What language do people speak in Italy?

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Italian, but there are many dialects and a few regional languages such as Ladino. Some people in the Dolomites speak a dialect of German. Near the French border there are dialects of Occitan or Provençal spoken as well as French. In Trieste some people speak Slovenian or Croatian, and in Sardinia they also have their own language.
The above is a good answer. In addition, Italy, like most other major European nations has growing numbers of apparently permanent immigrants for whom Arabic, Turkish, and other Middle Eastern and African languages are primary and will continue to be primary for at least another generation.
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What language do people in Italy speak?

People in Italy speak the Italian language.

What other languages do they speak in Italy?

Depends on the people. Most Italians learn English or French in school so they may know a bit of that. Recent immigrants will speak the language of the country they came from

What language do Italy people speak?

Almost all Italian natives are bilingual in that they speak very well both their local dialect and standard Italian. Nowadays there are fewer and fewer illiterates who do not