What languages are spoken in European Russia?

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European Russia (and Asian Russia as well) speaks Russian. There are regional dialects, but they're all dialects of Russian and mutually intelligible.
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What languages are spoken in eastern European countries?

Indo-European Languages Balto-Slavic Family Vijay John and JonathanSlocum The Balto-Slavic languages are spoken mainly in EasternEurope; they were not attested until late in t

What languages are spoken in Russia?

There is only one official language in Russia and that is Russianbut there are over 100 minority languages spoken in Russia today(with the most popular being English) Russia

What languages are spoken in Moscow Russia?

Russian. The official language of Moscow is Russian. Moscow is an International city. Hundreds of languages are spoken there. Russian language is used in Moscow. Russian. Russ
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How many languages are spoken in Europe and Russia?

Approximately 230 languages are spoken in Europe. Russia is located in both Europe and Asia, so if you add the languages of Russia that are only in Asia, that would be an addi