What law ended this policy by becoming the first to restrict immigration?

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the Chinese Exclusion Act

Does Iceland have a restrictive immigration policy?

No; Iceland isn't restrictive at all when it comes to visitors. For employment, there are different rules, though. You can find out about your visa situation here:. http://go

How do provinces influence immigration laws and policies?

How provinces influence immigration laws and policies. The provinces of Canada kind of make their own rules a bit. They decide how many and the kind of immigrants they need. T

What are the different immigration laws that restricted immigration?

Although there have been random transitions in the US immigration policies traditionally, off late developments are towards a more stringent immigration law and rule. Here go
In Mexico

How would more restrictive us immigration policies likely affect Mexico?

Right now, not much: net migration has been negative since 2009 dueto the U.S. economic downturn and economic progress made by Mexico. However, in case Mexico suffers an econ