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What leather is braun buffel handbag made of?

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made of genuine italian cowhide.
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What are the characteristics of a real gucci leather handbag?

The characteristics of a real Gucci bags are the make-up of the  bag. Gucci bags are hand-made, and have small, neat stitches. They  also are made with one piece of real lea

How expensive are Tumi leather handbags?

Depending on which Tumi leather hand bags you are getting, the prices range from $75 to $300. The leather and the bigger the bag is are usually more expensive.

Can leather handbags be stored in attic?

if there is good ventilation yes, you should treat them with a leather PROTECTOR sold at any good footwear store or leather coat store, high heat can damage leather, as can ex

Is patent leather made of leather?

Patent Leather Yes, Patent leather is made from real leather, with a finish originally made from various oils (whale oil, linseed oil etc), and lacquers such as shellac, and

When were Mark Cross handbags made?

  Answer   In 1998, Sara Lee Corporation closed down Mark Cross' 7 stores in what would have been the corporation's 153rd year (according to The New York Times, http

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What is leather made of?

Leather is made out of animal hide that has been tanned and cut. Animals include cattle, bison, deer, elk, moose, pig, goats, rabbit, cat, sheep, caribou, kangaroo, alligator

Are Louis vuitton handbags leather?

I think the answer is no. Not all the LV bags are make of leather. The authentic LV bag is make of the level A material. You can go to louisvuitton.com, the official site, to

How is leather made?

Leather is made from the skins of many different animals. The skin of any animal can be made into leather. The skin is treated and dried. It can be worn, put on couches, car s

Are radley handbags made in china?

Yes - the one I'm using has a smalllabel sewn into it saying Made in China. I assume more than just my style of bag is made there.

How long does a leather handbag last?

Depends on how you take care of it.. But mostly lasts you 2-9 years. If tooken care right like no pen marks and weather damaged etc. than it shouldast you long enough
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Are all Coach handbags made out of leather?

Yes, Coach handbags are made from leather. Coach also makes other leather goods like briefcases, wallets, and suitcases. However, Coach does collaborate with other designers t

Where to Find The Best Deals on Leather Handbags?

The leather  handbags attract every woman. These bags are long lasting and  stylish. However, sometimes, you may not find these bags suiting  your budget. In such a conditi