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What made the Mycenaean's and Minoans similar?

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The Mycenaeans borrowed from the Minoans.
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How were the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures similar?

The Minoans believed in afterlife and that gods are less importantthan goddess. In the other hand there was no record in theMycenaean cultures that there was any god or goddes

How were the Mycenaeans and the Minoans Similar?

they reigned and traded in and around the aegean sea. they had both spent time sailing in the water. They both were the first two cultures to be developed in greece. (Mycenaea

Who were the mycenaean's?

They were an Ancient Greek civilization that believed in the Gods of Olympus and other areas.

Why did the Minoan and the mycenaean's civilizations collapsed?

The reasons ar unclear, but besides them the Hittite, Middle-Babylonian, Middle-Assyrian, Egyptian, Canaanite, etc, all collapsed as well in the same time period. It seems to