What major cites are in Manitoba?

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Only Winnipeg can be classfied as a major city in Manitoba.
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What are some major cities in Manitoba?

Winnipeg with a population of 633,451 residents can easily be classified as a major city in Manitoba, in Canada and in North America. Manitoba's second city is Brandon with a

What are Colorados major cites?

Colorado's top 3 biggest cities are Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. Other famous cities are Vail, Aspen, Ft. Collins, Durango, and Silverton

What is the major cites of Edwards plateau?

Edwards Plateau Is a famous region.It know for famous cites ,rivers, soil, and wildlife. Main cites------------------- Austin------------------------ Belton------------
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What are the five major cities of Manitoba?

In order of largest population: 1) Winnipeg 2) Brandon 3) Thompson 4) Portage la Prairie 5) Steinbach Information from the 2006 Census of Canada.