What makes Islam the fastest growing religion?

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Islam is the only religion that hasn't changed , the quran hasn't changed one bit unlike bible. Also many signs in islam are coming true, so islam grows more believers inshallah. Ps , there's nothing in islam that doesn't make sense so people switch to it.
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What makes Islam one of the fastest growing religions?

This is a simple answer if you think logically. You have to be open minded and ask yourself, with so many religions in the world, how can all be correct? Would God have so man

Is Islam the fastest growing religion?

yes ot is growing day by day.it is mostly there in the middle east.in the countries of oman,Dubai.Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and qatar the peaople living over ther are mostly Muslims

Is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world?

YES, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. By real growth in terms of new adherents per period Islam was classified as the fastest growing religion in the

What are the fastest growing religions in the world?

In short- By percentage growth: Unknown\n. \nBy real person growth: Christianity\n. \nBy percentage growth the fastest growing religions in the world are the smaller religio

What is the worlds fastest growing religion and why?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Church) completes a new chapel building every day, and more than 300 members per day. They have missionaries all ov

Which is the fastest growing religion in India?

It depends on how the question is read. The fastest growing religion in India is the Baha'i Faith in termsof percentage increase of adherents. It is younger than twocenturies

Why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?

Because, the word "Islam" means "peace" and the people in the world are longing for the peace in this world and the hereafter.And also Islam has the solution for all the socia

What is the religion that is growing at the fastest rate?

Many people say Islam, but this is in fact not true. By 2050, the number of Christians are expected to grow more than the number of Muslims. But what is expected to grow the f

What is the new fastest growing religion?

the new fastest growing religion as of 2012 you may think its Christianity BUT, its acctualy Islam. first Islam then Christianity then Judaism then Hinduism.
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Why is Islam the worlds fastest growing religion?

Because of its logic, truthfulness, authenticity, and scientific miracles demonstrated in many Quran scientific statements that its validity had been proved just by recent sci

What is the reason of fastest growing religion?

Christianity is growing faster than any other religion because people are seeking God and when they truly seek God they realize that God has given us the way back to Him, salv
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Is Islam is the most fastest growing religion of the world?

Depends on how one calculates. Islam is the second-largest faith(after Christianity) and is adding the most adherents per year, soon gross "body-count," the answer is "yes." H

Which religion is growing the fastest out of Judaism Christianity and Islam?

Between Christianity and Islam, it depends on how you analyze thesituation. More people are converting to Christianity than areconverting to Islam, so many Christians make the