What makes a dessert a dessert?

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The only thing that makes a dessert a dessert is that it is served as the last course to a meal. Desserts are commonly sweet foods however, cheeses, fruits and nuts fall into the dessert category.
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What is a dessert?

it is a food which you mainly eat after your dinner. It is often sweet or fruity.

How do you make dessert without flour?

you can make puddings and pies with crumb crusts how about a nice ice cream pie. you can also make apple crisp without flour

How do you make dirt dessert?

my mom makes the best homemade dirt dessert, but here is a recipie that is slightly different. can't give away the family recipie! 1 lg. pkg. Oreo cookies 1/2 stick butter 1

What to have for dessert?

A rhubarb tart, a creme brulee, an apple pie, fruit salad, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate pie, chocolate eclair, chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, or strawbe

What is in a dessert?

it depends what type of dessert you plan on making. most of the time eggs, flour, sugar, and milk involved. there are a lot of different desserts, so it really depends.

How do you make a dessert with 3 ingriendets?

Sugar, butter, corn syrup: Melt in a pot, then bake it and you have candy. or Rice flour, water, sweet bean paste: Mix them, bake it and you have a rice cake. or Crepe shel

What is a quick dessert to make?

a quick dessert that can be made is.... brownies so goood and if that takes 2 long for u make a caramel capppichino frappe , look it up !
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How can one make a blondies dessert?

Blondies are very similar to traditional brownies with only a few minor differences. Whereas traditional brownies are cocoa-based, blondies are made using brown sugar. In bl