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Generally, coins are valuable because of the price of the metals they are made from, but if you mean in a collectible way:
One thing that makes a penny valuable is the date. They older the coin usually the more valuable. Another thing is the mintmark. For example 1943 pennies with a "S" mintmark are more valuable than pennies with no mintmark. Another thing is the condition of the coin. The less ware it has the more it's worth.
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Which pennies are valuable?

  Answer     That's an extremely broad question, since cents have been issued for over 200 years.     There are a number of sub-links to values lists at

What is the most valuable us penny?

The highest know price ever paid for a 1 cent coin is 1.7 Million dollars for the only known example of a 1943-D copper Lincoln cent.

Are all 1955 wheat penny valuable or did they only make a few double struck?

Answer   No, most 1955 cents are not that valuable. There were only a few that were double-struck*. You can see a nice picture of one by using the link provided. (*) As

Are wheat back pennies valuable?

As is the case in so much of life, the answer is that it depends. Certain dates and mintmark combinations are valuable (for example, 1909 S and 1909 S VDB, 1914 D, 1922 Plain,

What year US pennies are valuable?

When you say year pennies, I'm assuming that you mean what years on the penny make it valuable. Well, the grand-daddy of all Lincoln pennies is the 1909-S VDB penny. You can f

What penny year is the most valuable?

The most valuable and desireable Lincoln cent is the 1909 S VDB coin. If you have a 1909 S minted cent, flip the coin over to the reverse side and look at the bottom between t

When is a penny valuable?

What mainly determines the value is the rarity of the penny. A date where 3 billion were minted is never going to be worth as much as one with under 1 million.

Will 2009 pennies be valuable?

Coins only ever become valuable if enough people want them and are prepared to pay for them. Irrespective of what country your Penny comes from, there were 10's of millions, 1

Is the 1943 steal penny valuable?

They are worth about 5 cents or so to a collector if in average circulated condition and worth about 10 cents if in pristine condition.