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Generally, coins are valuable because of the price of the metals they are made from, but if you mean in a collectible way:
One thing that makes a penny valuable is the date. They older the coin usually the more valuable. Another thing is the mintmark. For example 1943 pennies with a "S" mintmark are more valuable than pennies with no mintmark. Another thing is the condition of the coin. The less ware it has the more it's worth.
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What penny year is the most valuable?

The most valuable and desireable Lincoln cent is the 1909 S VDB coin. If you have a 1909 S minted cent, flip the coin over to the reverse side and look at the bottom between t

What is most valuable British penny?

The 1933 British penny. Only a few were made as test pieces (due to problems caused by the large portrait on the front,) and there were already enough coins in circulation. 

Is an American 1964 penny valuable?

  Broadly speaking, no. It has a face value of US$0.01, and a melt value (that is, the value of the underlying metal - 95% copper) of pehaps US$0.02. Unless it is in proof

What is the most valuable wheat penny?

Among regular issues, probably the 1909-S V.D.B., with a current retail price of about $1200. Among errors, The only known example of a 1943-D Bronze cent recently sold for

What is the most valuable Australian Penny?

Assuming that they are in mint uncirculated condition, the most valuable Australian general circulation Pennies in approximate order of value would be the - 1930 1925 19

Which pennies are valuable?

  Answer     That's an extremely broad question, since cents have been issued for over 200 years.     There are a number of sub-links to values lists at

A list of valuable pennies?

It depends by what you mean "valuable" all pennies dated 1958 and prior are worth more than face value, at a few cents more than face in all except for the very lowest grade (

What year is the most valuable penny from?

1943. In 1943, to save copper for the war effort pennies were struck in zinc coated steel, however some copper blanks made their way into the press and were struck by accide

How old does a penny have to be valuable?

  According to the American Coin Collectors Association a penny dated between 1859 and 1902 is worth more that a cent. Also depending on the rectal value of the piece itse

How can you search for pennies that are valuable to collectors?

Answer . You could spend years looking through bank rolls and never find anything worth more than a buck or two. There simply have been too many people searching those co

What is the most valuable penny to have?

Assuming you mean an American 1-cent coin, I'd vote for a 1793  "chain" cent with the word AMERICA abbreviated as "AMERI." on the  back. It's considered to be one of the rar

What year US pennies are valuable?

When you say year pennies, I'm assuming that you mean what years on the penny make it valuable. Well, the grand-daddy of all Lincoln pennies is the 1909-S VDB penny. You can f