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Generally, coins are valuable because of the price of the metals they are made from, but if you mean in a collectible way:
One thing that makes a penny valuable is the date. They older the coin usually the more valuable. Another thing is the mintmark. For example 1943 pennies with a "S" mintmark are more valuable than pennies with no mintmark. Another thing is the condition of the coin. The less ware it has the more it's worth.
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What is a valuable penny from dates 1885 to 1935?

I assume you are referring to British pennies. There really aren't many valuable dates; most can be purchased for £5 or less in worn condition. About the only one that's av

What makes silver valuable?

  Silver is so valuable because of its chemical properties. It is extremely stable. Unlike iron or the other metals, it will not rust. Also because it is a metal. It is ex

Why is the 1922 wheat penny so valuable?

In 1922 the only Lincoln cent struck was a 1922-D, worn dies and over polishings caused the D not to strike up well or be completely missing from the coin and are highly value

Which pennies are valuable?

  Answer     That's an extremely broad question, since cents have been issued for over 200 years.     There are a number of sub-links to values lists at

What year is the most valuable penny from?

1943. In 1943, to save copper for the war effort pennies were struck in zinc coated steel, however some copper blanks made their way into the press and were struck by accide

What is the most valuable minting year for US pennies?

Answer       Depends on what you're talking about. Cents (not really "pennies" even though that's the term we all use) have been made since 1792 so there are ma

How old does a penny have to be valuable?

  According to the American Coin Collectors Association a penny dated between 1859 and 1902 is worth more that a cent. Also depending on the rectal value of the piece itse

Are copper pennies valuable?

For metal content, or melt value, copper pennies (pre-1982) are worth about 2 cents each. As far as collector value, that depends more on specific dates, mint marks, and condi

What makes something valuable?

Being useful, and being scarce. Natural gas, oil, coal, and uranium are all very useful, and considered valuable. Being scarce also makes an item valuable. Silver and platinum
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What makes resources valuable?

Resources are valuable because they are imported from different countries and they are sometimes hard to import or export, like oil and gas. There high for reasons.

What is the most valuable penny to have?

Assuming you mean an American 1-cent coin, I'd vote for a 1793  "chain" cent with the word AMERICA abbreviated as "AMERI." on the  back. It's considered to be one of the rar

Why is the 1930 Australian Penny so valuable?

There were only ever 3,000 1930 Australian Pennies minted. Of those, it is estimated that 1,500 have survived and are trading in today's market. A 1930 Australian Penny in an