What music videos show naked people?

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miley cyrus video for wrecking ball
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What music video did Blink 182 cameo naked in?

Blink 182 is a cameo in the music video by Lit. The song title is "Zip-Lock". The music video also contains other musician cameos, such as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.. blin

Does hair the Broadway show have naked people in it?

The amount of actual nudity depends on the production. Since the original Broadway run from 1968 to 1972, there have been many different versions. Many involve several actors

Was Lady Gaga ever naked in her music video Lovegame?

Written by Lady GaGa and RedOne, "LoveGame" is one of the songs appearing in her debut album " The Fame ". Its music video , which features naked Lady GaGa frolicking with tw
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What music video was prince's butt showing?

Prince wore a "Trench coat, leg warmers & men thong" in 1979-81. In the video (Dirty Mind) When he spins it's more "checks" then butt :) lol