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What organic molecule acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions?

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There are too many possibilities to list.The general term for such a molecule is an enzyme.
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How does a catalyst affect a chemical reaction?

It either lowers the activation energy or increases the activation  energy, allowing the reaction to occur faster or slower  respectively. It modifies the rate of the reacti

The role of catalyst in chemical reaction?

A catalyst speeds up chemical reactions without suffering chemical change itself. It basically increases the amount of collisions made in a reaction, therefore speeding it up

What is the function of catalyst in chemical reaction?

A catalyst accelerates the process of a chemical reaction. If a reaction is a slow one then by introducing a catalyst would speeden up the process. For example :- The reaction

What does a chemical catalyst do to a chemical reaction?

A chemical catalyst is a substance that lowers the required activation energy of a reaction. The activation energy is the amount of energy required to "activate" or start a pr

Can a catalyst be reused in a chemical reaction?

Yes, a catalyst can be re-used, because It is NOT actually used in  a chemical reaction. A catalyst will increase the rate of reaction  by attracting reactants, but the cata

What can act as a catalyst of a chemical reaction?

The platinum catalyst in a car's catalytic converter works through  adsorption to change toxic carbon monoxide into less-toxic carbon  dioxide.    A catalyst that inv