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What organic molecule acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions?

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There are too many possibilities to list.The general term for such a molecule is an enzyme.
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Catalysts speed chemical reactions but are not changed by them?

True. A catalysts job is to increase the rate of reaction, but it must do so without (a) being changed by the reaction or (b) become incorporated into the final product.

What does a catalyst do in a chemical reaction?

Reduces the activation energy of the reaction, which speeds up the progress of the reaction It increases the rate of a chemical reaction. However a true catalyst is not cons

What functions do catalysts perform in chemical reactions?

They speed a chemical reaction. Add: Catalysts lower the activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction.

What acts as a catalyst in biochemical reactions?

Biochemical reactions are the reactions taking place in the Biological systems. The biological systems contains proteins whose one of the main functions is to catalyse the rea

What are disadvantages of using a catalyst on chemical reaction?

It always depends on the catalyst! But in general the most common disadvantages of catalysts are as follows: - further (extensive/complex) purification to get rid of the catal
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How do catalyst affect a chemical reaction?

Adding a catalyst will make the reaction happen faster because the catalyst makes the Activation Energy (the energy required for the reaction to take place) to lower. Meaning