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Portuguese and French have both influenced Spanish in more modern times, along with Catalan and Basque in some regions. Latin and the native languages of the Iberian Peninsula gave rise to Spanish over several centuries, giving Spanish its basic structure.
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Where did the Spanish language originate?

The Spanish language originated in (believe it or not) Spain. It is an offshoot of Latin, just as all the other romance languages are.

Did spanish come from the latin language?

Compared to any other language, yes. Spanish is from both Latin & Greek roots. It is considered to be both related to French & Italian also

How do you say language arts in Spanish?

Translated literally, "language arts" is "artes de idioma" or, "artes de lengua". But since language arts actually means the study of language(s), then it is translated as "es

Who invented the Spanish language?

Answer   Spanish evolved from Latin, which was the language spoken by the Ancient Romans. The standard Spanish language is also called Castilian and originated in Norther