What pH does parsley like?

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5.6 - 7.5
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What does parsley look like?

There are two basic types of parsley (petroselinum crispum). The flat Italian parsley with flat, green, notched leaves and a curly type that has tightly curled slightly dark

What does parsley taste like?

The taste of parsley is hard to describe. Some people have claimed it tastes "grassy". However, all that comes to mind to me when describing the taste is "fresh". Flat leaf

What does parsley do?

If you want to season the food you put parsley in it or it can be used as a finishing touch for a meal on top to make it look better.

What is a parsley?

In simple words its a herb. Parsley ( Petroselinum crispum ) is in the same family ( Apiaceae ) as parsnip, celery, dill, and carrots. The word "parsley" comes from the Latin

What does a pH scale look like?

Chemists devised a measurement system called the pH scale to indicate the concentration of hypotonic ions in solution. Therefore the higher the pH scale gets the more persista

Why does pH sound like f?

Originally used for the aspirated sound of p and h, as in English up-hill or top-hat, the Greek letter phi became pronounced more-or-less like f over centuries. By Roman times

What does ph Scale look like?

The pH scale goes from 1-14 and normally is coloured from red to purple. Any chemical with a pH of 1-6(.9) is an acid, and any chemical with a pH of 7(.1)-14 is a base/alkali.
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Where we will get parsley?

Parsley is a small, fine, green leafy herb that is regularly available in the produce section of grocery stores and supermarkets. It's frequently displayed next to a similar l