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What percentage of lettuce is water?

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Water makes up as much as 95 percent of some species of lettuce, by weight. This can easily be demonstrated by complete dehydration of a sample by simple drying.
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Do water lettuce bear flowers?

Water lettuce does bear flowers, but they are usually hidden down  deep under the leaves. Water Lettuce is a floating plant from  Tropical America, and although it grows in

Do lettuce rot in water?

Yes, lettuce rots in water. This is the first stage of the culturing of infusoria, a microorganism used frequently to feed fish fry.

How often should you water lettuce?

Lettuces are mostly made up of water, so watering them is VERY important, but they also hold water for a while, so watering them about once or twice a month(if they are lookin

Can you give water turtles lettuce?

yes !, you can feed your water turtles lettuce, but it should be small pieces of the lettuce. I would rather feed them small insects like crickets. I feed my 3 year old Bearde

What is water lettuce?

Water lettuce, or Pistia, is a perennial with thick soft leaves that for a rosette. It floats on the surface of water with submersed roots hanging underneath. The leaves are