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What percentage of lettuce is water?

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Water makes up as much as 95 percent of some species of lettuce, by weight. This can easily be demonstrated by complete dehydration of a sample by simple drying.
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How much water does lettuce need?

Keep lettuce well watered and fed, if they dry out they will not grow very big and can be bitter in taste. Drip irrigation is best as constantly wetting the leaves can give ri

Can you give water turtles lettuce?

yes !, you can feed your water turtles lettuce, but it should be small pieces of the lettuce. I would rather feed them small insects like crickets. I feed my 3 year old Bearde

What is lettuce?

It is a vegetable and is the leaf and stem of a plant.

Can you put water lettuce in your fish bowl?

Many types of plant eating fish will eat regular lettuce. Goldfish included. Its not a great food, because it has almost no nutritional value, but it is good for providing rou

How does water make lettuce crisp?

The water is absorbed through the roots and distributed through the plant. The cells of the plant become plump because they are full of water and this makes the leaves crisp.

Can lettuce live in water?

Lettuce like many vegetables can be grown hydroponically, which means it is grown in water which has nutrients added to it. Pure water would not have the minerals which plants