What percentage of the world's population are serial killers?

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With so many serial killers not identified, there can not be statistics showing the population of the world's serial killer. 76% of the world's serial killers are in America is a statistic based ongoing studies. The United States only has about seven percent of the world's population, but has been home to over 76% of its serial killers.
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Who is the world's greatest serial killer?

Ted Bundy. actually in the us Charles cullin killed a confirmed 40 compared to 35 confirmed on ted bundy but if we go by numbers of victims Christman Gniperdoliga killed 96

Who is the world's worst known serial killer?

If we speak in terms of numbers that would be Dr. Harold Shipman of the UK with 218 proven victims and a probable 250+ He killed his patients mostly old women with diamorphine

What percentage of the world's population is uneducated?

Unbelievably, the percentage of the world's population being uneducated, is 46 percent. *Considering that most of the world's population is still involved in farming and oth
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What Percentage of serial killers does Europe have?

America has the whopping majority of serial murder at between 80% to 90%. The rest are spread over the rest of the world, but mostly in industrialized countries such as Great
In Africa

What percentage of serial killers did Africa have?

There are no precise numbers for the African continent but South Africa has 18 confirmed serial killers. According to FBI statistics %76 of serial killers are American. Europe