What picture hung above Andy's fireplace on the Andy Griffith show?

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Who are the Darling Boys on the Andy Griffith Show?

The Darling "boys" were played by real life bluegrass group The Dillards. Doug Dillard: Banjo Rodney Dillard: Guitar Dean Webb: Mandolin Mitch Jayne: Bass They were usually referred to as the boys or by their first names, Doug, Rodney, Dean, and Mitch. They would play these roles in si (MORE)

Was Olympia Dukakis on Andy Griffith show?

Except possibly as a child, and this is doubtful the Andy Griffith shows were filmed in the late fifties and early sixties, I don"t think any new episodes were made after maybe l967 and this is OVER FORTY YEARS AGO, I know reruns have minimized future shock, so to speak but time does move on.

Who was Opies caretaker in the Andy Griffith show?

He did not have a caretaker. He lived with his Pa and his Aunt Bee in the house in Mayberry. His Aunt Bee watched him while his Pa was doing his sheriff thing at the courthouse. Otherwise, Andy Griffith took care of the little guy.

How many Andy Griffith show episodes?

There were a total of 249 episodes shown in the eight years the show was on television. . The first 'The New Housekeeper', October 3, 1960 . The last 'Mayberry R.F.D.', April 1, 1968 The pilot for series of the same name

What was the Andy griffith reunion show?

It was 'Return To Mayberry' a made-for-television movie which aired in April of 1986. It was the highest rated television show of the season. it was also the show where Barney and Thelma Lou got married.

Where was the Andy Griffith show filmed?

I have no idea where it was filmed, however I live in Mount Airy where it was supposivly based on, however, there is NO SUCH TOWN as Mayberry, North Carolina. Mayberry is a FICTIONAL town. It does NOT exist.

Who is Goober on the Andy Griffith show?

He was a borderline mental retard that also co-appeared as an occasional guest character in Gomer Pyle. I vaguely recall one episode where Opie pulled some sort of prank on Goober (never really addressed as an adult, not Mr. so and so) and this involved a walkie-talkie to simulate a Talking Dog, Opi (MORE)

Where are the black people on the Andy Griffith show?

African Americans do appear in later episodes, first walking in the background and later as part of crowds. In Mayberry RFD a character is an African American. In an explanation of the show on a documentary, the same question was asked, and the answer given was that had there been African American (MORE)

What are the songs from Andy Griffith show?

There were nearly 50 songs song on the show. Most of those were written by Earle Hagen, the show's music director. Some of the most recognizable songs were . One Empty Chair (Barney and Andy) . Little Brown Church In The Dale(Barney and Andy and Mr. Tucker(Man In A Hurry) . Midnight Special (Andy (MORE)

Who created the Andy Griffith Show?

I believe that Andy Griffith himself came up with the concept for the show. However, I might be wrong about that. I do know that he had a large influence over what went on, though; he always insisted that the musicians on the show actually play, instead of having actors pretend to play.

Cast of the Andy Griffith show?

The cast of The Andy Griffith Show consisted of : . Andy Griffith----------Sheriff Andy Taylor . Don Knotts------------Deputy Barney Fife . Frances Bavier--------Aunt Bee Taylor . Ron Howard-----------Opie Taylor . Howard McNear-------Floyd Lawson . Jim Nabors-------------Gomer Pyle . George (MORE)

Who are characters on the Andy Griffith Show?

The main characters featured . Andy Griffith as Andy taylor . Don Knotts as Barney Fife . Ronny Howard as Opie Taylor . Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee . Hope Summers as Clara Johnson Edwards . Howard McNear as Floyd Lawson

Where was the Andy Griffith show taped?

On a set in Universal. I was schocked to find that out, but I went on the Universal Studios tour, and there was Mayberry... Well, what was left of it anyways. The buildings in Mayberry are just props, and there is no inside

What was the Andy Griffith show about?

Andy Griffith was the sheriff of Mayberry. He lived there with Aunt Bea and his son Opie. Aunt Bea helped care for Opie while dad was executing his sheriff's duties. His bumbling deputy was played by Don Knotts. The show was a sit-com staged in a small community with typical small town characters an (MORE)

Who played Barney in the show Andy Griffith?

Don Knotts who left the show to do other things. He was also once the voice of a famous actor or something in "The new Scooby-Doo movies". He was also the voice of the police dog in "Air Budies"

How many blacks on the Andy Griffith show?

There was one with a speaking part he played a football player that coached opie team he was also a pianist when opie was deciding to either play the piano or football

When did Barney leave the Andy Griffith show?

In 1965. Don Knotts believed the show was about to be canceled, so he signed on with the Walt Disney Company to make movies. His last appearance as a regular was in "Opie Flunks Arithmetic"; the last two episodes of the 1964-1965 were filmed without Knotts. Don Knotts did return to play Barney in se (MORE)

What show did Andy Griffith have after the Andy Griffith show?

After The Andy Griffith Show had run it's course Griffith changed gears. He played attorney Ben Matlock, kind of a bumbler with a bad suit. But of course he always solved the murder and his clients good standing in the community was restored. Griffith's old friend Don Knotts played Matlock's neighbo (MORE)

Was varney on Andy Griffith show?

The late Jim Varney (June 15, 1949 -- February 10, 2000) was never on the 'Andy Griffith Show' . (He would have been a great character though.)

Who was Otis on the Andy griffith show?

Otis, part of what is now called United Technologies- is best-known as an elevator manufacturer. Opie was the son of Sheriff Taylor on the Griffith program.

Is aunt bee from Andy Griffith show?

Yes , Beatrice "Aunt Bee" Taylor (Played by the late Frances Elizabeth Bavier , December 14, 1902 -- December 6, 1989 .) was part of the cast of The Andy Griffith Show .