What products are derived from crude oil?

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Crude oil is feedstock for just about everything under the sun. When crude oil is refined, its various chemical parts are separated and some become gasoline, some lubricants, some asphalt, and others the raw materials for plastics and rubber and many more things. Here are some examples of what can be obtained from petroleum (crude oil, natural gas, and/or viscous or solid forms): Fuels - like gasoline, diesel, propane (many people use propane to heat their homes), heating oil Heavy bottoms - like asphalt, bitumen, tar Petrochemicals - used as a feedstock for many everyday products: * plastic gadgets, tools, bags, toys * candles * clothing (polyester, nylon) * hand lotions * petroleum jelly * perfume * dishwashing liquids * ink * bubble gums * car tires * ammonia * heart valves * and many more ---- Crude oil is refined and used to make all these products: * Ethane and other short-chain alkanes which are used as fuel * Diesel * Fuel oils * Petrol * Jet fuel * Kerosene * Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) * Natural gas * Alkenes (olefins) which can be manufactured into plastics or other compounds * Lubricants (produces light machine oils, motor oils, and greases, adding viscosity stabilizers as required). * Wax, used in the packaging of frozen foods, among others. * Sulfur or Sulfuric acid. These are a useful industrial materials. Sulfuric acid is usually prepared as the acid precursor oleum, a byproduct of sulfur removal from fuels. * Bulk tar. * Asphalt * Petroleum coke, used in speciality carbon products or as solid fuel. * Paraffin wax * Aromatic petrochemicals to be used as precursors in other chemical production. Use the links below to learn more.
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What is crude oil?

crude oil is a naturally occurring, flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights, and other organic compounds, that are found in geologic formations beneath the earth's surface. Oil and gas are chemicals made from molecules containing just carbon a (MORE)

What products do you get out of a barrel of crude oil?

Every 42-gallon (159-liter) barrel of oil can be refined into . 19.4 gallons (73 liters) of gas, . 10.5 gallons (40 liters) of diesel, and . 4.1 gallons (16 liters) of jet fuel, not to mention lots of other marketable stuff. . Every 42-US-gallon barrel of crude provides a little more than (MORE)

Where do we get crude oil from?

Oil was formed from the remains of animals and plants (diatoms) that lived millions of years ago in a marine (water) environment before the dinosaurs. Over millions of years, the remains of these animals and plants were covered by layers of sand and silt. Heat and pressure from these layers helped t (MORE)

Is crude oil a pure substance?

Crude oil is a mixture of short to long chain hydrocarbons. It has to be separated into many different fractions to become usable. It may also contain mineral impurities due to it being underground

What is the boiling point of crude oil?

boiling point of crude oil is depending on the main component in the crude oil itself, heavy crude for example has a higher boiling point from light crude.

What can you use instead of crude oil?

You can use hydrogen instead as long as it was teste so you couldn't blow up your car after. Also, you could use water as it's an endless resource because it's all around us and it can be used to very good use. You could use eletric but oil is used for more stuff than we think like oil can be used i (MORE)

What are the parts of a barrel of crude oil?

The chemical elements are: Carbon 83-87 percent, Hydrogen 10-14 percent, Nitrogen 0.1-2 percent, Oxygen 0.1-1.5 percent, sulfur 0.5-6 percent, metals less than 0.1 percent. There is some variation in oil from different fields. Petroleum is a mixture of a very large number of different hydrocarbon (MORE)

Why is oil known as crude oil?

It is knowen as Crude oil before it has been refined... Once it's been refined it can then be called gasoline, petrol, diesel and just "Oil"

What products can be made from crude oil?

See the link below Pretty much any product that ends in -ine (gasoline), -ane (propane), or -ene (kerosene), along with diesel fuel and many plastics. These substances are referred to as petroleum distillates if you'd like to learn more. gasoline,airplane fuel,fibers for clothing,detergents,moto (MORE)

How is the oil separated from crude oil?

Crude oil is separated in a separation column. Separation columns are used to heat the crude then the different hydrocarbons separate as the lighter ones float up and the denser ones fall to the bottom. LPG gas floats to the top, bitumen and paraffin wax sink to the bottom with diesel, kerosene, pet (MORE)

Where do you get the crude oil from?

Louisianna beaches (sorry) ancient animal remains, warmed, pressurised, migrate through rocks until trapped, then drill for crude oil. Refine and split into different sizes of oil molecule for oil products.

What can you get from crude oil?

crude oil is a wonderful chemical.you can get a variety of products and substrates which are all useful in industry.the main products and substrates are: petrol(gasoline),diesel,naphta,petrol gas(lpg),aviation turbine fuel,lubricants,petroleum jelly,asaphalt,tar and uncondensed gases.

What are 3 products of crude oil?

Asphalt . Bunker Grade Fuel Oil . Fuel Oil . Grease . Motor Oil . Kerosene . Jet Fuel . Diesel Oil . Gasoline (Petrol in England) . Machine oil . Cutting Oil . Gaseous Products Was that enough? Thats just from fractional distillation, and there are some I know I missed there. Indirec (MORE)

Is mineral oil derived from crude oil?

Yes mineral oil is derived from crude oil.. No. Mineral oil is another term for vegetable oil, which is derived from the natural oils of plants, not crude.

The production of plastic from crude oil?

By plastic, I believe you meant addition polymers. First of all, crude oil is an incredibly complex mixture of hydrocarbons. When these hydrocarbons are separated using fractional distillation, different alkanes are obtained. When these long-chain alkanes are cracked(process of breaking down the alk (MORE)

What can make from crude oil?

Products made from crude oil are called petrochemicals and include hundreds of products. You may also do a seach under petrochemicals and obtain more information. See related link.

Crude oil where do you get it from?

You get crude oil from the ground. crude oil is a naturally occurring, flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights, and other organic compounds, that are found in geologic formations beneath the earth's surface. Crude oil can be found in the Middle (MORE)

Why there is need to crystalize a crude product?

in short, crtstallisation is the method that is used to purify the substance.crude product is an impure substance.so,if we want to purify a substance then we have to use crystallisation process.therefore there is a need to crystallise a crude product.

How and when was crude oil formed?

The crude oil we use today was formed millions of years ago but crude oil is still being formed today. More crude oil is formed every time an animal or plant in the sea dies and is squashed by layers of other dead marine life (that turns into rock)over the top. This takes a long time.

What do you do with crude oil?

Some of it is used to make plastic bags that you use in the grocery store, some is used to make gasoline for a car, or airplane fuel, asphalt, roofing shingles, crayons, carpeting, floor wax, paint, household detergent, footballs and soccer balls, furniture and cabinet covering, turf, dish soap, ink (MORE)

How do you separate oil from crude oil?

Crude oil IS oil so you don't separate oil from it. You do refinecrude oil, separateing parts of it that are used for a variety ofpurposes. This is usually done by fractional distillation. You heatthe crude oil so that the parts with higher boiling points becomevapors, the vapors are taken to conden (MORE)

Where is crude oil and how do you get it?

Crude oil is a type of pure oil that is brought up to our surface by oil wells. Most of the places that we obtain oil is from the Middle East(Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia). You can probably buy containers of crude oil on craigslist or on eBay but I don't understand what you would use it for......

Why do you have crude oil?

Crude oil is simply oil that comes from the Earth. We have to refine it, a distillation process, in order to make it efficiently useful for burning. There are several degrees of refinement. At the bottom, are things like #6 oil; in the middle, are things like #2 oil and diesel; and at the top, are t (MORE)

How is crude made into products?

Crude oil contains mixture of various types of hydrocarbons. Thehydrocarbons are separated by fractional distillation. Differenthydrocarbons have different boiling points and therefore aftercrude oil is heated, shorter chains of hydrocarbons which havelower boiling point will become gas and can be e (MORE)

How much other product in a barrel of crude oil except gasoline?

There is jet fuel, asphalt, petroleum gas, kerosene, heating oil, and lubricating oil. These are all set at different levels of the fractional distillation tower that is used to separate all these products from its original state as crude oil. Then they are tubed off to where they need to go.

How many product find in crude oil?

Dozens of primary products from natural gas through asphalt. Some are: . natural gas . solvents . gasoline . diesel oil . kerosene/jet fuel . lubricating oils . home heating oil . vaseline . paraffin . axel grease . bunker grade fuel oil . asphalt . etc. There are also thousands (MORE)