What property of water allows fish in a lake to survive winters freezing temperatures?

I think you are probably talking about the fact that frozen water (ice) is less dense than liquid water, so freezing temperatures will enable the ice to form on top of the waterbody, but still allowing liquid water underneath so fish can survive. Also, ice is usually translucent, so it can still penetrate the ice, allowing algae to continue to photosynthesize, providing oxygen for the fish below.
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Why don't fish freeze in lakes during winter?

  Answer   fish do not freeze in the lakes during winter because they are cold blooded creatures. they do not need to be warm to live.   Glad you asked!   Pr (MORE)

What temperature Celsius does water freezes?

  Pure water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius when at sea level (1 atm, or 760 torr). It boils at 100 degrees Celsius under the same conditions.The freezing temperature of wat (MORE)

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How can fish survive in freezing waters?

Many fish not only survive, but thrive, in freezing temperatures. Fish have a body temperature almost identical to that of the water, so no energy is wasted in heat loss. Fish (MORE)

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They swim about slowly in a circle (sometimes with other aquatic birds) as a group which prevents (up to certain temperatures) the water around them from freezing. ----------- (MORE)

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