What qualities made Andrew Jackson a popular candidate and leader?

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Andrew Jackson was loyal, intelligent an outgoing

How was Andrew Jackson an effective leader?

By effective, that means that he finished what he said he was going to do. That's the main reason, now all you have to do is explain what he said he was going to do and what

What are some qualities of Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson was very loyal to his friends and also easilyangered. He famously fired all of his cabinet members, except forone, because all of the members refused to invite

What made Andrew Jackson president?

He was legally elected . His national standing came mostly from his heroic victory over the British in 1815. People who lived in areas threatened by Indians appreciated his su

Why was Andrew Jackson popular with voters?

He was viewed as a man of the people. He supported the common man and was the height of patriotism. He was also a war hero from the Battle of New Orleans in 1812. He defeated

What qualities helped Andrew Jackson succeed?

He was a complex person who led a violent and adventurous life. He was quick to lose his temper and dealt with his enemies harshly. Jackson intended to be a strong president b

Bad qualities of Andrew Jackson?

Good: . Allowed the common white male to serve in government . improved trade with European and south American countries . earned lots of respect for demanding our right fu
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Who was Andrew Jackson popular with?

He was popular with the common people, because he was the first president to have been born from the West and relate with the common people, not just the wealthy people. He fu