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What questions add no value to WikiAnswers?

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Wondering what we mean by "value" on Answers? No problem - we're here to help!

Answers is designed to provide serious answers to serious questions - we're trying to answer the world's questions, after all! But if a question doesn't contain any helpful content, is asked in jest, or seems to be posted with false intention, we remove it. This is in an effort to maintain a site that's useful, valuable, and easy to search - we remove the clutter!

And hey - we actually do have a sense of humor! :D

We even have a section for jokes and riddles (check out the link below), and we invite you to join in on the fun. If you have a funny riddle or joke that you know will get a few laughs, we'd love to hear it!

If you believe the question you asked is legitimate, please e-mail GoodQuestion @ (no spaces) with the exact question you asked and why you believe it should be included on the site.
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Is it acceptable to answer your own question on WikiAnswers?

Answering Your Own Questions Absolutely. You may answer your own questions (as long as the questions abide by the Community Guidelines). You can help build the knowledge bas

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How should you write your question on WikiAnswers?

Phrasing a Question   Here are some examples of good and bad ways to write a question:   Bad Questions   * How do I find my lost dog?  * Am I pregnant?  * Is this

Why does WikiAnswers make you answer your own question?

It doesn't. The page that you see when you ask a new question isthe page that everyone will see. The statement "Answer thisquestion..." is pointing out where the answer should

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How do you delete a question on WikiAnswers?

Questions on are not meant to be deleted, except for extreme cases. Neither registered nor unregistered users can delete questions - not even their own. Questions

What questions are unsuitable for WikiAnswers?

We know "unsuitable" can be a bit vague, so if you're wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain! What is considered "unsuitable" subject matter on Answers?

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Can you ask any question on WikiAnswers?

Any Question Yes, you can ask any question on WikiAnswers, with a few small exceptions. You can't ask anything illegal or that solicits something illegal, or anything obscene.

How do you add a sub detail for a question in WikiAnswers?

You could add a comment in the discussion area. Type your main question in, then treat it as if you were going to answer it. There should be a tab marked 'discussion' just abo

Why are questions or answers removed on WikiAnswers?

Content is occasionally removed from WikiAnswers when it is deemed inappropriate or illegal.

How many questions and answers are on WikiAnswers?

There are millions of questions and answers on! People ask and answer questions every second of everyday. Even if we gave a number, it would increase before we got

Do you get paid to answer questions on WikiAnswers?

Not Paid People who answer questions on WikiAnswers do not get paid. They answer questions because they enjoy sharing knowledge, helping people and being a part of an amazing

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What is the best way to answer a question on WikiAnswers?

When answering a question at the Q&A pages, there are some good practices and some not so good practices. Below are some recommendations from WikiAnswers Supervisors to help y

Why won't WikiAnswers answer my question?

Some questions just take longer to answer for various reasons. Some are worded badly, and others are placed in the wrong topic. Others are just simply hard to answer. But many

Where is WikiAnswers overflowing with uncategorized questions?

Uncategorized questions are under 'Miscellaneous.' A contributor  cannot access 'Uncat' from the 'Edit categories' tool, however;  this is accomplished by entering 'Search,'