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What questions can I ask in a debate against capital punishment?

Would you advocate the same form of justice, should the perpetrator be a close family member, like a brother or a father?. Answer======. Is it moral? is it a good example of

What questions can i ask when dating a girl?

Share your likes and dislikes with one another, maybe talk about your childhood, funny things that may have happened to you - conversation will open up with various topics and

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Who is asking these questions?

Anyone in the world can ask a question on this site.

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What questions can I ask in court from an animal in a zoo?

According to K-9 Magazine , in September 2008, a dog named Scooby was called as a witness in a murder trial in France. This was a first for French law and it is also beli

How do you get to your questions asked?

In the blue sidebar, click on "My contributions". To the right of the sidebar, underneath your name, you'll see "Filter by:" and then to the right of that you'll see "Action".

Who can ask questions?

if you are a member, type in a unanswered question and someone might answer it. To make an account, you must be either 13 or older or link it with one of the provided servic

How do you ask a question if there is no question to be asked but you have a question?

If you have a question, but there is no question to be asked, thensomething is wrong... either language skills are lacking, so thatyou can't put the question you have into wor
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What questions can I ask my friends about me?

If you expect your friends to be honest, think carefully about what you ask, and be prepared to hear the answers without getting defensive. Good luck with that. Try: What i