What questions have been transferred to the Spanish site and need to be deleted?

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WA is currently in the process of moving all the questions from the "Preguntas en Español" category onto the Spanish WA site. Please do not add alternates to this question unless you have already moved the question onto the Spanish WA site.


WikiAnswers está en el proceso de mover todas las preguntas de la categoría "Preguntas en Español" a la WikiAnswers pagina de Español. Porfavor no pongas alternativas en esta pregunta si aún no han sido añadido a la pagina de WikiAnswers en Español.


How do you delete your site?

Delete all the files inside the /public_html/ folder. Do not delete the folder, Delete the stuff inside it.

How are questions moved from the English site to the Spanish site?

All Supervisors that have experience with the Spanish language (or any of the international languages which WikiAnswers has as a sister site) can ask a Community Assistant for
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You shouldn't need to be a member to answer questions on the site. If the question is already answered, it could be protected, which would prevent some people from adding to i
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