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1 syllable:
at, bat, brat, chat, fat, flat, gnat, hat, lat, mat, Matt, matte, pat, rat, sat, scat, slat, spat, splat, stat, tat, that, vat

2 syllables:
and that, at-bat, bad hat, bath mat, begat, biernat, black rat, bone fat, brass hat, brown bat, brown rat, but that, buy at, call at, cave bat, chip at, cocked hat, combat, delatte, deslatte, does that, down pat, dress hat, eat at, elat, fall flat, felt hat, fruit bat, fur hat, gall gnat, get at, gnaw at, hard hat, high hat, in that, is that, jest at, labatt, landsat, laugh at, leaf fat, look at, mcnatt, mole rat, mud flat, mule fat, nonfat, north platte, of that, on that, pack rat, peck at, pick at, pith hat, place mat, play at, pluck at, plug hat, poke at, prayer mat, prevatt, prevatte, pull at, quail at, red bat, rice rat, roof rat, sadat, sand rat, sarratt, sea mat, shine at, shop at, silk hat, slouch hat, snap at, south platte, stand pat, stay at, straw hat, such that, tin hat, top hat, to that, trade rat, tvsat, wharf rat, wing flat, wink at, with that, wood rat, wool fat, work at

3 syllables:
arrive at, a look at, balyeat, baseball bat, beaver rat, become flat, big brown bat, bishop's hat, bowler hat, bridle at, bristle at, campaign hat, connive at, cotton rat, cowboy hat, cricket bat, dabble at, desert rat, excel at, frosted bat, fungus gnat, guano bat, gujarat, hognose bat, horseshoe bat, inmarsat, jackass bat, looking at, mastiff bat, new world chat, Norway rat, old world chat, opera hat, orange bat, pallid bat, picture hat, pocket rat, railroad flat, rat-a-tat, safety hat, sewer rat, shovel hat, spotted bat, table mat, tit-for-tat, tit for tat, under that, valued at, vampire bat, water mat, water rat, welcome mat, what does that, woman's hat, wrestling mat

4 syllables:
animal fat, buffalo gnat, cavalier hat, chinchilla rat, chip away at, dwarf pocket rat, edible fat, false vampire bat, kangaroo rat, little brown bat, Mexican hat, mortal combat, naked mole rat, opossum rat, pocketed bat, true vampire bat

5 syllables:
carnivorous bat, marsupial rat, orange horseshoe bat, ord kangaroo rat

6 syllables:
European brown bat, Florida water rat

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at bat blat fat Matt mat rat tat that chat hat pat sat vat
Hat, that, pat, fat, sat, mat
bat, sat, hat, chat, rat... You can't expect me to say all of them!
hat sat mat Nat fat bat kerspat
Rat, pat, sat, fat, hat, lat, vat, bat, mat
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