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What role does Social Security play in government revenue?

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Social Security is the second largest source of revenue
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When did the government begin taxing Social Security annuities?

The federal government began taxing Social Security annuities in 1984, after Congress passed amendments to the Social Security Act in early 1983, and President Reagan signed t

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Since the founding of our constitution, a third party candidate has  never won the presidency. The only time a "third party" won the  Presidency, was when the Republicans wo

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The Government's role in our lives is to give/pass laws to help keep our many rights and freedoms from being taken away from us. They allow us to have religious, speech, educa

Does the government take taxes out of your Social Security check?

Only if you expect to owe taxes on your Social Security benefits and fill out a special form requesting they withhold taxes for you. Otherwise, you will receive your full bene

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  None She has no actual Authority to influence the decisions of the Australian federal system of government. The only part she plays is a ceremonial one associated with o

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Nobles belonged to families descended from the first Aztec king. Nobles owned slaves and many were government officials.

Do government employees pay into social security?

yes, everyone does regardless of where they work. Your social security is just that security that you will have when you are older. Many of use will not get all of it beck tho

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The freedmen were the 4 million african americans that came to the South after they had been free. They gave Reconstruction goverments a glimpse of the struggle and hunger tha

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Very early in man's history while humans were still hunting and  gathering government was not created, but as man began to farm and  settle in one place with others governme