What role does the skin play in keeping you safe from bacteria?

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What does the skin play a major role in?

The integument acts as a barrier that separates the internal composition of the body from the external environment. It is also vital in preventing dessication.. D is the answ

What roles do bacteria play in the environment?

Bacteria and other microbes play the important role in environment of DECOMPOSERS, which act in the last stage of food chain. These microorganisms like bacteria cause the br

What role does bacteria play in your body?

Without them we wouldn't be able to survive. They help us digest food, produce vitamins, and occupies niches that otherwise would be available for competing pathogens.

What vitamin does the skin-play a role in?

The skin primarily is responsible for the production of Vitamin D. When it is exposed to the sunlight for more than about a half hour, it will begin converting cholesterol int