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Does he respect your boundaries and privacy? Does he ignore your wishes (for instance, by choosing from the menu or selecting a movie without as much as consulting you)? Does he disrespect your boundaries and treats you as an object or an instrument of gratification (materializes on your doorstep unexpectedly or calls you often prior to your date)? Does he go through your personal belongings while waiting for you to get ready?
Does he control the situation and you compulsively? Does he insist to ride in his car, holds on to the car keys, the money, the theater tickets, and even your bag? Does he disapprove if you are away for too long (for instance when you go to the powder room)? Does he interrogate you when you return ("have you seen anyone interesting") � or make lewd "jokes" and remarks? Does he hint that, in future, you would need his permission to do things � even as innocuous as meeting a friend or visiting with your family? Then you are faced with an habitual abuser. That's pretty scary.... First off, talk about what has happened to you to your friends/family and only people you can trust. Write down every call and record them if possible. Or else, write down meticulously everything he says to you. This is to help you remember everything and become stronger. His manipulative ways won't affect you as much. If he has a copy of your keys, change the locks. Also, I'm not an expert or anything, but talk to the police for recommendations and maybe see a social worker or something...The more people know, the better. Remember, you in no way deserve this constant feeling of terror. The more you talk about it, the stronger you will get and the more you will be ableto protect yourself and eventually move on to a better life. I wish you the best

Let me tell you...i have been through this exact situation and he was a HORRIBLE person he dragged me through the dirt emotionally and treated me like a piece of S**T!! This all went on for quite a long time; i would say about a year when one day he physically abused me and i said enough. I cut him off and it was THE BEST thing i have ever done. And to be honest with u when i think about him the thought makes me sick he was soo nasty ewww!! Just get rid of him i know its hard but bite the bullet life will be so much better when your over it!! GOOD LUCK!!
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