What showrunner married Barbara Bosson who played psycho ex-wife Fay on Hill Street Blues?

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Steven Bochco
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Tony on Hill Street Blues?

Only one actor named Tony had a recurring role on Hill St Blues... Tony Perez played Officer Mike Perez from 1981-1985

What is the play Blue remembered Hills about?

The title is taken from A.E. Housman's 1896 poem: "Into my heart an air that kills; From yon far country blows; What are those blue remembered hills..." It's 1943 on a summer'

What movie and television projects has Barbara Bosson been in?

Barbara Bosson has: Played Katie in "Ironside" in 1967. Played Miss Riley in "Mannix" in 1967. Played Nurse in "Bullitt" in 1968. Performed in "A Session with the Committee" i