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What side effects can occur if you drink alcohol with ambien?

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Taken together Ambien and alcohol will have additive effects. In other words, Ambien will increase the effect of alcohol and alcohol will increase the effecs of Ambien.

When taken by itself, Ambien is already known to cause behaviors almost identical to the behavior exhibited by a person who is guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol. So when you add Ambien and alcohol together, the risk of these behaviors occurring becomes even greater. You also increase the risk of experiencing the other unwanted side effects that Ambien can produce by itself and also increase the duration of Ambien. Some of the side-effects of enhancing the potency of Ambien with alcohol are really bizarre. The good part is that, if you do experience them, you will probably not remember what you have done since the combined effect of both increases the probability that you will experience amnesia. The bad news is that, though you may not remember what you have done, you may wake up behind bars for the unconscious acts you committed while under the influence of this combined concoction.
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What are the side effects of Ambien?

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i regularly drink, and need ambien to help me sleep, the only effect i had was it made you more tired. it intesfied all of the normal side effects but i didn't notice anything