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What size bag does a Hoover Runabout use?

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Type A bag. It's listed on the back of the vacuum cleaner.
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What type sweeper bags does a Hoover Futura canister sweeper use?

  The Futura line uses Hoover "Type S" bags. The Hoover part numbers are   4010064S (for a pack of 3)   4010344S (for a pack of 10) or   4010100S (for a pack of

What size bag do you buy for a hoover runabout vacuum cleaner?

  As you don't mention the model number it is impossible for anyone to give you more than a "general advice" answer here.   Why not just look at the rating plate on the

How do you change bag on hoover wind tunnel?

Pull the top portion of the rectangular like plastic cover in front, you will see the vacuum bag inside. For replacement bag, write down the brand & model number, and you can

Where can you purchase Hoover bags?

Vacuum cleaner bags for Hoover brand vacuums are available most places where vacuums are sold. You can look for a sewing and vacuum repair shop, a department store or a discou

How much are Henry Hoover bag replacements?

On Amazon's website, they are just over four pounds for a ten pack of bags. Other websites charge more, but it seems that a ten pack stays under 7 pounds.

What kind of bags does Hoover s3765 040 take?

"The Hoover s3765 040 is a bagless vacuum. Because it has the patented Hoover WindTunnel technology, it does not require bags. Instead of bags this particular Hoover model spo

Can Henry Hoover bags be easily replaced?

Vacuum bags are usually easy to replace. I would suggest using vacuums that don't require bags. Changing vacuum bags can be very time consuming. Hoover also mentions these bag

Is it worth buying Hoover bags?

"No, it is not worth buying hoover bags, unless you have a Hoover vacuum cleaner. The newer vacuum cleaners don't need bags to function and can save you a lot of money in the

Do Henry Hoover bags only fit into Hoover vacuums?

Henry Hoover bags only fit in Hoover vacuums. They do this so that customers will only buy their products and create more money for the business. This is a wise decision for a
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Where can one purchase Henry Hoover bags?

Replacement bags for Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners can be purchased at Total Vac, Spare Saver, Tesco, Gumtree and directly from the Hoover website. eBay has listings for indi
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Where can Miele Hoover bags be purchased?

Replacement Miele vacuum bags can be purchased from various merchants. They can be found through Godfreys (AU$19.95), Amazon (UK$8.00-20.00), and through the manufacturer itse