What size should a thirteen year olds penis and testicles be and is it normal to get random erections?

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I'm 14 and mine is 7 and a half inches.
Its a fair size, and i think that 5 - 6 inches is average.
And random boners are annoying, but they happen to everyone mate, don't worry!
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Is it normal for a thirteen year old boy to shave his penis?

Answer . its your body do what ever you want with it. im 15 i do every so often and many of my friends do to.. Decide it yourself , it's ur body ! And u like it without ha

What is the normal breast size for thirteen years old?

There is no such thing as "regular" sized breasts. girls (and womens) breasts grow and develop along with the rest of a womans body. It all depends on the genetics and hormona

Is it normal if your non-erect penis size differs from little to big Im 14 years old?

Yes, that's very normal. The size of the non-erect penis depends on Temperature (if its cold, it gets really small), mood and the situation, the penis is in. So if you're in

Is your penis smaller than normal or average size for an 11-year-old if it is 2.7 inches when erect and 1.3 inches when flaccid?

I would say that a 2.7 inch long erect penis was probably towards the larger end of average lengths for an 11 year old. Flaccid penis measurements are very unreliable as chang

Is a 6 inch erected penis good or bed for a thirteen year old boy?

That is neither good nor bad. It is the exact average for someone your age Actually the average for a 13 year old is 4-5 inches so yes your penis pretty large for your age.

What size should a thirteen year old be?

Everyone has different growth rates. But the average is 4-5 inches. But dont worry because girls like the way you use your hands, fingers, mouth, etc.
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What is the average testicle size of a thirteen year old?

The size of testes is measured by volume. A teste is cupped in one hand and compared with a range of different sizes of oval wooden or plastic beads on a string, this device i
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Is it normal for a 13 year old to have a 3.5 in penis when erect and 2 and a half when not erect?

OK tough answer here 3.5" hard & 2" soft is pretty small for a boy in puberty, BUT the male penis tends to grow till about age 20, so there may be some further development...