What size torx wrench for sonoma tailgate cables?

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What size torx socket is used to replace the hub assembly on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

T-55 Torx Socket (DO NOT USE AN ALLEN WRENCH) - To remove the 3 bolts that secure hub assemble to steering knuckle. 1 -3/16 deep socket - To remove axle spindle nut.

What size Torx bit do you need to remove the caliper of a 1993 Buick LeSabre?

Answer . Actually it is not a Torx bit -- it is a hex. I believe it is the largest one usually included with Hex sets.

What is the torx bolt size on a 1985 celebritys front brakes?

Answer . that my friend would be a t45 or a t50 dont know why they use 2 different sizes. But mine was the t50 but the mechanic that I talked to said that there are also ones that use the t45.. Answer . its actually a t47 its a perfect very tight fit although its a very rare and special size you will probably have to order it as i did. Answer . Autozone sells torques bit sets with the size needed and a torques size tester (not sure if name is correct), it is many red plastic pieces on a key ring and checks normal torques as well as internal torques sizes.

How can you open the tailgate on a 1999 Sierra One of the cables that connects to the tailgate latch came loose and you can't get the tailgate open?

There should be 3 bolts on the inside of the tailgate. Remove these. The black faceplate around the handle will be loose. Push down and tilt out, away from the tailgate. This will expose two plastic tabs. Push down on each tab with a screwdriver to remove the pressure and pull the handle clear. There are two plastic posts on the bottom that fit into holes but they don't require anything special to pop out. The hardest part is to remove the faceplate without breaking the two tabs. Youl'll now see a rod on either side of the handle that is held in place by plastic sleeves (no wonder it broke). I used two cable ties (you can get these at any electronics or hardware store) to secure the rod on each side by looping one over the rod and the other through this one and around the handle. Sounds complicated but it will make sense once you open it up and take a look. I understand that GMC wants you to replace the entire assembly rather than just the two plastic pieces so cable ties are a cheap alternative.

What is type and torx wrench size needed for front brake pad replacement on 1996 Nissan Quest?

Answer . On my '93 Mercury Villager is a T40 Torx it should be the same on your '96 Quest.

How do you replace tailgate cables on s10?

The tailgate cables on the S10 may have to be drilled out and must be riveted in place. GM has a recall on these cables and will replace them, parts and labor for no charge at the dealership.

What size torx wrench is needed to replace 2003 Jeep Wrangler headlight?

Number 10 Torx works on a 2003 Jeep Wrangler. Fairly simple. Just remove the 3 holding the rim on, then the 4 holding the lamp in. I was able to change 2 lights in less than 1/2 hour.

What size speaker are in a 1996 sonoma?

With the Extended cab models they come stock with 6.5" speakers in the doors and 4x10" speakers in the rear. 4x10's are goin to be a little expensive due to the odd size.

What Torx size for a 2004 Chevy 1500 caliper bolt?

If it's the same as a 2003 1500 series (which I'm sure it is) it should be a T-55 torx bit. \n. This is what it is...

What size torx do you need to remove the front caliper of a 1995 beretta?

A 1995 Beretta front brake caliper is not held on by a Torx bolt. Use a 3/8" Hex key.

What size is the torx screws on renualt laguna brake disc?

oh yeah I forgot to mention it is the retaining screws on the front discs of a w reg 1.8 rt sport estate. thanks for your help if any. oh yeah I forgot to mention it is the retaining screws on the front discs of a w reg 1.8 rt sport estate. thanks for your help if any

What size female torx socket does take to take off the timing chain cover?

Actually if I remember correctly there are 3 different sizes of (male) torx sockets you'll need.. A T-50 and a T-40 for the bolts going through the water pump housing and then once you have remove the water pump there is one size smaller and i believe it is a T-20.. Either way you can purchase a set of torx at your local parts storew and all three come in the one set.(Its cheaper than buying them individualy). Later Joe!

What size torx is required to change brake pads on a 1999 cavalier?

A t55 torx should be the right size to change your brake pads. Makesure to clean the torx heads off or the t55 may appear too big dueto debris in the hole.

How do you size a cable?

Gather all the data about the cable. Determine the minimum size based on earth fault loop impedance, voltage drop considerations, short circuit temperature rise and continuous current carrying capacity. Selection can be based on current rating or through finding out the voltage drop.

13mm14mm is what size in standard wrenches?

In some cases you can use a 1/2 for a 13 and a 9/16 for a 14 but they are not exactly the same ( that's why they make metric and American sets ). You run the risk of stripping the bolt/nut when you use the wrong wrench.

What is tailgating?

Tailgating is a term for following a vehicle too closely on a public road. Tailgating can also refer to a picnic meal you eat from the back of your vehicle, often at a sporting event.

What size torx screwdrivers are there?

There are t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6, t7, t8, t9, t10, t15, and t20sizes.

Torx size for thermostat housing on 97 Volvo 850?

It is a T40. To remove the housing you first have to remove the power steering pump.

What size is Volvo filter wrench s60?

RITEFIT Brand cap wrench A261. You use it with a socket wrench handle. About $6.00. A lot of autoparts stores carry the RITEFIT line.

What is the socket wrench size for RJ19LM?

Spark plugs come in three sizes: 5/8, 3/4, and 13/16. I think the RJ19LM takes a 13/16 socket. However, it would be wise to have all three sizes of sockets in your tool box - you never know when you will need one or the other.

What size torx bit is used for the brake caliper pins on a 98 Pontiac grand am?

I believe that it is a T-55. A T-50 is just a tad too small.

How do you Replace tailgate cable 2000 Chevrolet S-10?

The cable and latch assembly are replaced as one piece. The left side and right side are not interchangable. The assemblies are available from the dealer.

What is a sized wrench?

That's a wrench made to a certain size -ie, 10mm, or 7/16, or 14mm . These wrenches can only be used for one size bolt each, as opposed to a Crescent wrench which can be used for many sizes.

What are the different sizes of a socket wrench?

1/4 inch drive, 3/8 inch drive, 1/2 inch drive, 3/4 inch drive, and 1 inch drive, for the ratchets themselves.

How do you replace tailgate cables on 95 Chevy S10?

Friend just did it for me. He used a grinder and removed the head off the bolt. Bolt still wouldn't come out so grinned it flush with the bracket. Removed the bolts holding bracket so we had a little room to remove bolt. Used a center punch and knocked it out. Than touched up the bracket with black paint (let dry) where the grinder hit it. Got cables at NAPA and new ones come with a bolt and a c clip.

How do you replace a broken tailgate cable?

Usually it's a matter of unhooking one end of the cable from a post, and then unscrewing the bolt from another end of the cable.

How do you replace a tailgate cable on 2000 Ford Ranger?

You unscrew the bracket holding the cable with a T45 size torque wrench and replace it with the correct size cable. When I replaced mine the washer stuck to the bolt so I had to pry that off as well.

What is a star headed torx wrench?

A Torx wrench is a different kind of wrench for special Torx screws. Same principle as Allen or Bristol wrench. Torx is designed so you can get more torque on the screw.

Calculate wrench size?

To calculate wrench size you measure across the flat surfaces of the nut or bolt, then pick a wrench marked with that size. Be careful, there are metric and SAE nuts and bolts and some wrenches are close but not right. -For instance you should not use a 1/2" wrench on a 12 mm nut. -It may look right, but will round the edges of the nut.

What size torx to remove caliper bolts on a 2004 suburban?

The floating caliper domed head bolts are Torqs T-55. These bolts are extremely tight due to the fact it is a critical safety component and due to the fact that the bolt is subject to corrosion from road water including salt if you live in a northern clime. Purchase a T-55 socket with nothing smaller than 1/2" drive as you will need that kind of torque to remove them. Using socket size adapters will place the point of torque away from the bolt head highly increasing the chance that the socket will slip out, usually damaging the socket or bolt or both. Beware - you may need a long breaker bar to provide sufficient torque. If you successfully remove them, I see little advantage in changing them. Hex head bolts are available but the ones I've seen were not exact in their length. These bolts allow the caliper to "float", equalizing the piston pressure on the two opposing pads, and length seems design critical to me. Also, these bolts should be greased. There is apparently a black grease used just for this purpose, but lacking that I used a white lithium grease. The important thing here is that brakes get HOT and grease should be high temperature rated. Also check the small rubber boots for cracks. The bolts which secure the calipers to the moveable casting are 20mm.

Battery cable wrench size Ford Taurus?

I think it's a 10mm. Best to grab the small crescent/adjustable wrench too... That should cover it.

What size Allen wrench to use?

The one that fits tightly in the Allen socket. -Any real artisan or mechanic has a set of SAE and a set of Metric Allen keys.

What do you do if you Have a tailgater on you?

If you have a tailgater, slow down, pull over, and let him pass. Anything else is agressive, dangerous, and illegal.

What size is the torx screw on the rover 75 brake discs?

Hi just doing my rear discs and it needs a T50 to remove the screw, hope that helps

What size torx wrench is used to remove the calipers on a 98 villager?

Torx are almost never used on calipers . I think you will find a 7mm Allen key is needed for that year Mercury. Hard to see as it is covered by a rubber cup.

How do you fix the tailgate cable on a 1997 S10?

The left or right tailgate cable comes as an assembly that includes the left or right side tailgate latch.

What size wrench to bleed your brakes?

Depends on the model of brakes. I have done thousands of brakes and usually I get under with 1/4, 5/16 and 7mm. One of them inevitably fits the bleed nipples.

What size wrench?

preferably one that is the correct size for the job, ie. not too large nor to small.

What size torx socket is required for a 307 brake caliper?

307 is an engine displacement size (general motors) and not a make model or year but more then likely it is a 3/8 Allen

What size wrench to change bicycle pedals?

Either 15mm or 9/16", or it can take a hex(allen) key at the face of the axle instead. Remember that the left side pedal has a counter-clock thread.

What size tools are needed wrench or sockets?

Wrenches and sockets all come in multiple sizes. Which you have depends on the kind of work you do. Most craftsmen have a full set of metric wrenches and sockets and a full set of SAE wrenches and sockets. Most get by with 3/8 drive sockets, but many have 1/2 sockets as well.

What size torx bit wrench is used to remove wheel cylinder mounting studs?

Try the Torx bits onto the studs till you find the one that fits securely. Seems simple enough to me.

What size allen wrench is used for suburban?

All vehicles have many Allen screws on them. The only sensible and economical thing to do is buy 2 sets of Allen keys, usually 1/32 up to 3/8 in SAE and 1-10mm in metric. They only cost about $ 12 per set and will save you a lot of hassle if working regularly on cars.

What size wrench do you need for 0.393700?

Please - , first define your size ! -You have given a decimal figure, but of what, - -an inch, a foot, an orange,a candy bar ? ? If it is 0.393700 of an inch, then I would use a 3/8 or 10mm wrench.

What size wrench is needed to remove blades?

The obvious answer is to try different wrenches on it till you find the correct one.

What size Allen wrench solara?

You haven' said what for. Buy a set of MM Allen wrenches then you can't go wrong.

What are the standard wrench sizes in order?

There are many different groupings of 'Standard' wrenches. The most common would be -1/4, -5/16, -3/8, -7/16, -1/2, 9/16.

What size Allen wrench do you need to change front brakes on a 2003 gmc sonoma pickup?

I don't know that particular vehicle, but I must say it doesn't seem like a huge imposition to get under with 3-4 different wrenches and try them for size. I change MANY front pads and usually follow that pattern.

What you is a tailgate?

the back of a car. or when someone is driving really close to the back of your car and is 'tailgating'

What is a torx t40 wrench?

Torx is a family of screws/bolts, and their associated tools. They work very much like Allen screws, but instead of an internal hexagonal shape, Torx use a star shaped interface. The star shape can transmit more power than the hexagonal shape, protecting the user from stripping the bolt/screwheads. Just like Allen keys, Torx comes in several sizes, with T40 being one of them.