What so good about vertu phone?

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they are a bespoke high quality phone fully hand made using gold sapphire and rubys to compleate the "feel"
they are the "rolls royce" of the phone world.
when you hold one, you will see instantly where the quality comes from, and when you use one it will be apparent that this is not your usual cell phone.
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What do you think about vertu phone?

i find the vertu phones really really good you dont need to get the ones that cost $3000 or $300 000. copy paste the following link. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/vertu-phone_W0QQi

How can you identify a fake vertu phone?

there are in market Vertu replicas, which are 99% same as real ones.. Like Vertu Ascent Racetrack, Constallation etc.. Here is samples: www.vertuclone.eu

Why are phones good?

Phones are good because you can ring people from them and you can text people. You can also go on the Internet, play games and listen to music.:)

Is the phone ally a good phone?

i honestly think that its a good phone . i like everything about it . when u surf the internet, its fast . the only bad thing about it is the battery life sux !
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What type of phones does Vertu offer?

Vertu creates luxury mobile phones. They are owned by Nokia of Finland. These phones are manufactured and designed to be more fashion pieces rather than innovative phone techn
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Where can one purchase Vertu mobile phones?

Vertu mobile phones are limited edition luxury phones often unique and costing anywhere from a few thousand pounds right up to five figure sums and are often known as the Roll
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What are the negatives of a Vertu cell phone?

The negatives of a Vertu cell phone is that the price for such a cell phone is quite high and if one was to accidentally break it, the cost of the replacement outweighs the be
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Which online stores stock the Vertu phone?

There are many stores that stock the Vertu phone. They are most readily available via websites such as the MyShopping website, or through their facebook page.