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What stage during pregnancy do you produce milk?

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When do you start producing breast milk during pregnancy?

Your breasts produce colostrum right away after labor. This is what the baby will drink while breastfeeding for the first couple of days after being born. Colostrum looks thin

When do you start leaking milk during your pregnancy?

well this is my second prgnancy and I'm 2 days from starting my 6th month and my breast starting leaking one week ago. and it doesn't happen everyday but so far it's been 3 ti

Is milk of magnesia safe during pregnancy?

  to much of it can make you dependent on it latter on but 1-2 tablespoons at night while constipations is problamatic will be fine. I was told to take it by my dr. who is

Can you start producing breast milk during a first time pregnancy?

Yes. In fact, you don't even have to be pregnant to start lactating. It's possible to artificially induce the lactation process by simply using a breast pump a few times, whic

At what stage does a female produce milk?

Right after she has had a calf, or in more scienfitic terms, lactation starts immediately after parturition.

When do you get milk during pregnancy?

  Depends on the person. Most people dont start to lactate til their babies are born, but many people leak colostrum months before they are due

What hormones are produced during pregnancy?

There are a number of different hormones involved in pregnancy, and I will outline the main hormones and their purposes below: Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin - this is involve