What substances are in salt water?

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Elements and Compounds The elements are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine. The compounds are Water and Sodium Chloride (salt).
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Is salt water a substance or mixture?

Neither "substance" nor "mixture" is an apt designation for salt water. Salt water is best described as a "solution of salt in water". It would be a good idea for you to revie

Why do substances float on salt water?

Substances that float float better in salt water then in fresh water because salt water is more dense as a result of the salt that is dissolves in the water.

Is salt water a substances or a mixture?

Its a substance made up from a mixture of salt and water. If your question was is it an element or a compound then both salt and water are compounds. So salt water is a mix
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Is salt water a a mixture or substance?

salt is a pure substance because it has a definite composition A Mixture is physical combinations of pure substances that have nodefinite composition. Salt/Water is an homogen
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What substances are salt sugar and water?

In their pure forms water is a chemical compound. Salt and sugar refer to classes of chemical compounds that share a taste. Scientifically, salt is a compound formed when an