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What substances are in salt water?

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Elements and Compounds The elements are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine. The compounds are Water and Sodium Chloride (salt).
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Which is a pure substance salt water duct tape baking soda or orange juice?

A pure substance is a sample of matter with both definite and constant composition with distinct chemical properties. Examples: water, diamond, gold, table salt (sodium chlori

Why does salt remain in water while all other substances settle out?

Salt, NaCl, is a compound made from sodium and chlorine. A sodium atom has a highly positive electric charge and a chlorine atom has a highly negative charge. This difference

Is salt a substance?

Yes, salts are chemical substances; for example table salt is sodium chloride (NaCl).

Which substance is more soluble in water sugar or salt?

I did this experiment for school and sugar is the most soluble in boiling hot water.   this was my experiment:  Sugar: - I had to stir each tea spoon of sugar for quite
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Is Salt water pure substance or mixture?

Salt water is a homogeneous mixture called a solution containing salt and water. Salt is the solute and water is the solvent. It is a mixture because the salt and water are no
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Is salt water a pure substance or mixture?

Salt water is definitely a mixture, a mixture of water and salt.  It's not a pure substance because it's conformed of two components  that aren't noticeable to the naked eye