What supplies the voltage to the USB?

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The two outside contacts (of four contacts) are connected to the power supply in the computer.
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What is the USB voltage and power rating?

Clients have to accept 4.75 to 5.25V and must be able to send configuration data as low as 4.4V. Hubs are allowed to drop as much as 0.35V. By itself, a USB plug does not hav

What voltages are supplies by the power supply on your system?

The power supply in a PC is a complex device using switch mode circuitry and transformers to generate +and- 12v, for modems and communications ports. +and-5volts for the logic

What supply voltage does a computer need?

At Least, 115 volts. Which is standard from a wall outlet. If should not matter how many volts your computer needs, but the watts does. For most computers they need anywhere f

How much power can usb supply?

A standard USB port (non 3.0) can provide up to 500mAh of power. This is on full power mode. A 3.0 port can, if plugged into a 3.0 device, provide up to 900mAh if configure
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What is amount of voltage supplied at night?

In theory, voltage should be the same around the clock. In practice you may get a tad higher voltage at nights, as there's less load on the system. With most people asleep, th