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What system is involved if a patient complains of cold hands and feet?

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Sympathetic nervous system
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Why are your hands and feet sometimes cold when your body is warm?

they are extemities, have poore circulation in many people and and the first things to get cold. when a person sufers form hypothermia the body cuts of blood suply to the legs

Why are your hands and feet always cold?

This is one possible side effect of having certain medical conditions, such as diabetes. Also, some people who lead a sedentary lifestyle can have this as a result of not bein

What is it when your so cold and got cold feet nose and hands?

Bad blood circulation and/or quickly escaping bodyheat (in cold weather for instance) so your body focuses on the vital organs having the needed blood and staying warm.   I

Can fever cause feet and hands to feel cold?

yes, it can. it is called chills. Chills (shivering) may occur at  the beginning of an infection and are usually associated with a  fever. Chills are caused by rapid muscle
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What to when you have cold hands and feets?

If you have cold hands and feet, the blood is flowing to the core to keep it warm. The core is more important that the limbs. Put on more clothing.