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What technology was used in World War 1?

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Maxim machine gun
poison gas
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Was arsenic used in world war 1?

Arsenic Was one of the main constituents of one of the gases used in the First World War. Lewisite was the chemical in question. It caused large water blisters on the affect

Was there any newer technology used in the Korean War or was it all the same technology from the World War 2?

Answer   There was new technology during the Korean War, such as the introduction of jet planes.   Answer   Jet planes were introduced to the field of air combat

When did the US enter war world 1?

In spite of the fact that many Americans wanted the country to  remain neutral, the United States entered World War I on April 6,  1917. World War I ended on November 11, 19

Were helicopters used in World War 1?

Yes, helicopters were used in WW1.   Don't be silly, helicopters were invented towards the end of WWII.

How was the world after World War 1?

The world was in destruction when the World War 1 ended.   The world was on the edge of devastation as its food supplies were  running low and the cities were destroyed.