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What technology was used in World War 1?

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Maxim machine gun
poison gas
Trench warfare was the main feature of World War 1 both offensively and defensively. However, due to the stalemate it caused, new technologies like tanks, flame throwers, chemical gas and airplanes were introduced. Another novel invention during this period was the use of radio.
the machine gun, Gas Grenades,Naval Units, and Communication.
Transportation, tanks, cannons, planes.
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What was some new technology used in World War 1?

gas was used as a weapon that choked and blinded the enemy. also, airplanes were beginning to be used. artillery, tanks, rifles, and machine guns were weapons used, but I'm no

What New technology that was used in World War 1?

  WWI was the beginning of the naval battle between England and Germany and who could get the best battle fleets.   Germany was producing large amounts of high tech bat

What technology and machinery was used in world war 1?

Barbed wire, trench warfare, flamethrowers, grenades, Dreadnoughts, machine guns, poison gas, tanks and submarine (U-boats) are a few examples. Flamethrowers and grenade were

What technology used during world war 1 was not new?

The idea of trench warfare was not new, but was taken to its extreme. The basic firearms were still present (pistol, rifle, machine guns, and cannon) but had more advanced ver

What new technology did America use in World War 1?

well, the first use of the tank was used by Americans, whereas they had lees than 100 tanks ww1 was the first time American soldiers were given an IQ test the first x-rays

What technology were used in world war 1?

-First widespread use of machine guns. -First widespread use of gas agents, including: Chlorine gas, Phosgene and mustard gas. Nerve gasses were not used until the 1930's. D