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What technology was used in World War 1?

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Maxim machine gun
poison gas
Trench warfare was the main feature of World War 1 both offensively and defensively. However, due to the stalemate it caused, new technologies like tanks, flame throwers, chemical gas and airplanes were introduced. Another novel invention during this period was the use of radio.
the machine gun, Gas Grenades,Naval Units, and Communication.
Transportation, tanks, cannons, planes.
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What impact did new technology have on World War 1?

Tanks, airplanes, machine guns, grenades, and chemical warfare were employed for the first time in World War 1. Because of technological advancements at this time in history w

What were new technologies used in World War I?

I think in World War 1 some of the new technology was the first tanks which were nothing compared to the standard of the tanks today and also planes were invented but they wer

What was the most important technology in World War 1?

The most influential technology in World War One was the machine gun because it started the whole concept of trench warfare, and without it, people would still be doing head o

What new technology was created during World War 1?

Poison Gas(Mustard Gas which were dropped from planes on enemy trenches designed to make the eyes tear and itch, throat clog up, eventually die if exposed to long), Machine Gu

Why were technological advancements important during world war 1?

Technical advancements were key to fighting in WWI. Key weapon improvemnts are: the machinegun, heavy artillery, howitsizers, grenades, mortars, and bolt action rifles. These

What military technology existed during world war 1?

Tanks ( first used in the Somme campaign), miitary aircraft including Zeppelins, Fighters and bombers, Submarines, all were used big-time in the Great War along with more subt